Leading Women Event Held by Turkish Business Women Association (TIKAD) Highlighted Women Leaders

TIKAD's Leading Women Event Spotlights Women Leaders

First Lady of Türkiye, Mrs. Emine Erdoğan Talked about Today’s and Yesterday’s ‘Women who Lead the World’ in New York.

During the UN week, TIKAD (Turkish Business Women Association) organized an event, called “Women Leading the World” on September 20th, 2023, in New York.

The President of TIKAD, Mrs. Nilufer Bulut made a welcome speech, where she stated: “As a Non-Governmental Organization, TIKAD felt the responsibility to organize this meeting, where we will talk about what needs to be done to bring the world’s women together with the spirit of “help and solidarity. This time we chose to use the power of art and the universal language of music to announce women’s cry for peace and equality to world leaders, almost all of whom were here in New York during the 78th United Nations (UN) General Assembly this week. ”

Türkiye’s First Lady Emine Erdoğan, who attended as the keynote speaker during the “Women Leading the World” event at the Garden Loft, at Rockefeller Center spoke to the invited group of business world representatives and women entrepreneurs. She drew attention to entrepreneurial women with examples from the “epic struggles” of women throughout history.

Addressing the community, the First Lady said, “It is meaningful to talk about our women as guides on every platform, in our cities and in our schools, so that our youth can meet valuable role models. Women are always the main actors of civilization and development”. Stating that depriving women of their rights would be “equivalent to building insurmountable barriers” in front of their social development.

First Lady Erdoğan added, “As we move towards our sustainable development goals, we sincerely hope that all segments of society will understand that our women are the subjects of economic development, not its helpers.” said.

While First Lady Erdoğan wished that these achievements would be an inspiration to all women, she noted that the country is walking with confident and determined steps towards the vision of the Türkiye’s Century with the strength it draws from an ancient nation and state tradition.
Erdoğan also said, “We must remember and cherish all our success stories, from obtaining our first right to vote, all the way to our female prime ministers, ministers.”

About TİKAD: Established in 2004, TİKAD’s mission is to contribute to Türkiye’s social and economic development to explain Türkiye’s modern face to the world; to create leading women in all fields, strengthen the presence of women in the business world, increase the influence of business women in public opinion and governments, and take responsibility in Türkiye’s democratization process and integration with the modern world by bringing together businesswomen and working women with professional leadership.



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