This Miami Based Luxury Brand is Raising the Bar Through Every Diamond

This Miami Based Luxury Brand is Raising the Bar Through Every Diamond

The colorless, diaphanous and ultra high-priced precious stone known as the diamond, brings out the raw pulchritude on every women. In Miami, there is a brand raising the bar for ethically-sourced and conflict-free diamond – a practice that has been disturbed by violence in the mining communities in Africa. Del Este is a luxury brand maintaining a high standard in the diamond-related industry with its unique designs inspired by culture and architecture. All diamonds on their collection are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified, meaning that each stone has gone through a rigorous process for which the lab determines the quality of the diamond. Basically, GIA has a reputation for being the strictest and most renowned diamond grading entity.

Aside from being GIA certified, Del Este also chooses diamonds from manufacturers that adhere to or surpass the standards set in place by the Kimberely Process – a certification scheme that prevents conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate trade. Though the Kimberely Process seeks to eliminate conflict between the traders and miners and alleviate poverty, some countries have failed to reinvest diamond revenues into mining communities. This would increase the socio-economic and education stability in countries like Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone.

Del Este Jewelry

The fact that a Miami-based luxury brand is promoting sustainable diamonds, is leveraging the standards by which customers and manufacturers need to adhere. “Del Este designs are inspired by a lifetime passion for jewelry design and moved by the love of aesthetics, culture and architecture. Each jewelry piece tells a story about a place and a story about culture. The Roma Collection, for instance, was inspired by motifs that are prevalent in Ancient Rome, such as the scallop which can be seen in many buildings and paintings of that epoch. The symbol of scallop was depicted as a symbol of fertility and new life, which is reflected in Sandro Botticelli’s painting of the birth of Venus where the Roman Goddess Venus is symbolically born and rises from a shell,” mentions Del Este. Each jewelry piece tells a story and celebrates culture with a modern edge.

Del Este recommends that you take care of your luxury piece to prolong its sparkle. With a toothbrush, warm water and clear dish soap you can restore the glitter instantly. From Africa to the lab to the buyer’s hand, Del Este makes sure that each diamond is crafted with love and history in mind.

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