The most fashionable NFL teams according to Fashion experts

The fashion experts over at looked into how often people around the world searched for fashion terms related to NFL teams and their players. They checked out phrases like ‘X fashion’ and ‘X outfits’ for each team and player. Then, they added up all these search numbers to figure out which team ranked where in terms of fashion.

The most fashionable NFL teams according to Fashion experts



Global Average Monthly Search Volume 


Philadelphia Eagles 



Detroit Lions 



Kansas City Chiefs 



Dallas Cowboys 



Cincinnati Bengals 



San Francisco 49ers 



Green Bay Packers 



Miami Dolphins 



Chicago Bears 



Buffalo Bills 


The Philadelphia Eagles are the most stylish team in the NFL, getting searched about 82,524.17 times a month on average. Their wide receiver, DeVonta Smith, is known for being super fashionable. GQ, a magazine for men’s style, named him ‘The Most Stylish NFL Player.’ He’s famous for his awesome suits, like the sharp pinstripe one and a cool three-piece suit in bright pink.

The Detroit Lions, and they’re getting searched about 76,965.83 times every month. You know Romeo Okwara, right? He plays as a defensive end for the Lions. But guess what? He’s not just about football. He’s also into photography! Yeah, he’s been showing off his skills outside of the NFL. And get this, he even did a fashion photo shoot for his GQ profile, where he rocked a cool double denim outfit.

The Kansas City Chiefs are in third place, getting around 64,682.50 searches every month. A big chunk of those searches, about 40,237.50, is all about Travis Kelce. He’s the most searched player across all the teams. People dig his vibe, you know, that whole ‘Mob Daddy’ style. And then, things blew up even more when folks found out he’s dating Taylor Swift, like, back in September.

The Dallas Cowboys are currently in fourth place, and people search for them, like, around 51,455 times every month. And get this, off the field, Dak Prescott from the Cowboys is totally into fashion! He’s been working with Adidas to make some cool clothes and shoes. Oh, and did you know? His name alone adds up to 626.66 searches in the team’s total volume.

So, coming in at number five, we’ve got the Cincinnati Bengals, getting about 38,000 searches a month on average. Now, when it comes to searches, Joe Burrow’s the guy everyone’s looking up. He’s their quarterback, and he’s got the second-highest search numbers in the whole NFL, with around 24,589 searches. People love checking out his bold styles, like those paisley suits and funky hats and shades.

Moving on to sixth place, we’ve got the San Francisco 49ers. They’re pulling in around 24,816 searches each month. Now, when it comes to style, Brock Purdy’s the talk of the team, getting about 1,655 searches. He usually keeps it casual, but he made waves at the Super Bowl with a sharp look.

Now, onto number seven, we’ve got the Green Bay Packers. They’re getting about 21,926 searches monthly. Aaron Jones, their running back, stands out with his fashion choices, especially those flashy sunglasses and a unique sombrero.

In eighth place, we’ve got the Miami Dolphins, with around 21,861 searches per month. Tyreek Hill’s the style icon here, often seen rocking a classy vibe, like that double-breasted suit jacket he wore at the NFL Honors.

Close behind in ninth place are the Chicago Bears, with about 20,935 searches monthly. Justin Fields is the top search for the Bears, known for his bold fashion statements like that lace shirt and bling from Opening Weekend.

And finally, in tenth place, we’ve got the Buffalo Bills, bringing in about 17,395 searches each month. Stefon Diggs, their wide receiver, grabs the spotlight with his unique style, like that eye-catching pink jacket and trousers combo.

So, it’s not just about the game on the field, folks. These players are making waves with their fashion off the field too. From Joe Burrow’s adventurous looks to DeVonta Smith snagging the title of GQ‘s Most Stylish NFL Player, it’s always fun seeing how they express themselves when they’re not in their uniforms.


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