The Latest Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry: What’s Hot and What’s Not for Your Smile

The Latest Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry: What's Hot and What's Not for Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is a type of dentistry that focuses on improving your smile. Like the rest of the cosmetic industry, it has come a long way in the past few years. The latest cosmetic dentistry trends are all about convenience, comfort, and natural-looking results. If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry in Boynton Beach, FL, explore the comprehensive General Dentistry Services in Boynton Beach FL to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Knowing what’s hot and what’s not in cosmetic dentistry will help you achieve the best smile improvement results. Let’s look at what’s trending and what’s on the outs when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

Hot Trend: Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin pieces of tooth-colored shells shaped to fit over the front surface of your teeth.

Veneers are an excellent option if you’re looking to close gaps between teeth, cover chips or discoloration, and even alter the shape of your teeth. They require about two visits to the dentist, and their placement technique is non-invasive and requires little enamel removal.

If you’re thinking about getting veneers, you’ll find the following options on the market:

  • Porcelain veneers: These are the thinnest veneers and give your teeth a natural appearance. They last for up to 15 years and don’t require your teeth to be shaved down.
  • Ceramic veneers: Mimic the natural appearance of your teeth better than other veneers, making your smile look natural. However, you might have tooth sensitivity for a few days after getting them.
  • Composite veneers: These are the most cost-effective veneer option available, and require less tooth preparation compared to porcelain and ceramic veneers.

Whether you are looking for veneers in Austin, New York, or Vegas, we suggest going to a well-recommended dentist for your dental veneers.

Not Trending: Overly Large Veneers

Overly large veneers are becoming increasingly unpopular because they appear fake. They make your teeth look unnaturally large and bulky.

They may not match the shape of your face or other natural features. Also, they might make your smile appear slanted and if they’re too long, cause speech problems. Finding the right size and shape of veneers prevents these challenges and helps you achieve a natural-looking smile.

Hot Trend: Invisalign and Clear Aligners

Invisalign and clear aligners have taken the place of traditional braces as the go-to orthodontic treatment. They are discreet, and comfortable and can be removed when you need to clean your teeth or eat.

Invisalign aligners fit snugly around your teeth to gently shift them into the desired position. The entire process is typically done in about 18 months, but this timeframe depends on the complexity of your orthodontic case.

With Invisalign, you can achieve a straighter, healthier smile without having to worry about metal wires and brackets.

Some of the best brands of clear aligners you’ll find on the market include:

  • ClearCorrect: These clear aligners are nearly invisible and comfortable thanks to their special Trimline material. Moreover, they’re removable and allow you to eat whatever you want.
  • Invisalign Express: This is an excellent option for spacing and crowding issues. They take a shorter time to work compared to traditional Invisalign.

Not Trending: Metal Braces

Metal braces are becoming increasingly unpopular as more people turn to discreet and comfortable orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign and clear aligners. They require frequent check-ups in the dentist’s office, which can be a hassle, and they’re not as aesthetically pleasing as clear aligners.

Metal braces can also be uncomfortable and cause mouth sores. Plus, it takes a longer time to straighten teeth with metal braces compared to other orthodontic treatments.

Hot Trend: Teeth Whitening

In 2020, 37 million Americans tried some form of teeth whitening. Why is teeth whitening so popular? It’s simple, it gives you the whitest and brightest smile ever.

There are various forms of in-office and at-home teeth whitening kits available these days. At-home solutions include bleaching gels and strips, and over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

In office-treatment is the best option if you’re looking for a lasting solution to discolored teeth. This option gives instant results and the dentist can customize a whitening plan for you.

Not Trending: DIY Teeth Whitening

While DIY teeth whitening is cheap, it is not a great option if you’re looking for instant, lasting, and safe results.

DIY teeth whitening products can cause irritation, burns, and other dental issues if not done right. Even scarier, you might be allergic to the ingredients in these products and experience severe reactions.

It is always best to visit a dentist for any kind of teeth whitening treatment. A professional can assess your teeth and discuss the right option to give you the best results without causing any damage to your teeth or gums.

Hot Trend: Gum Contouring

If you want to reshape or re-sculpt your gum line without major surgery or extensive treatments, gum contouring is an excellent choice.

This type of cosmetic dentistry can help improve the appearance of a gummy smile, overly prominent gums, and uneven gum lines, creating a beautiful and symmetrical look.

The gum contouring procedure involves removing excess gum tissue, reshaping and re-sculpting the gum line, or restoring gum tissue. Gum contouring will improve your self-confidence by creating a natural-looking, healthy smile with minimal discomfort or downtime.

Not Trending: Gum Reduction Surgery

Gum reduction surgery involves the removal of excess gum tissue to make teeth look longer and more proportionate.

This is a complex, invasive procedure that requires general anesthesia and may involve multiple visits to the dental office. Going for more non-invasive procedures such as gum contouring can even out the gum line and correct minor asymmetries without any surgical intervention.


If you’re looking to improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. This way, you will make an informed decision about which treatments are best for your needs. In conclusion, staying informed about the hottest trends in cosmetic dentistry ensures that your journey to a perfect smile is guided by the latest innovations.

Consider the hot options we’ve discussed above, such as dental veneers that are less invasive and will improve your smile for years.


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