The Groom’s Perspective of Your Wedding

The Groom's Perspective of Your Wedding

Photo by Carsten VollrathGetting married is a special day for everyone, your guests, you, and your groom. Yet there has been something of an oversight when it comes to wedding planning and how things should be done, and that’s that it is all down to the bride. This is pretty unfair when you consider there are two people getting married, so the groom’s perspective is equally as important as yours. Men love a wedding as much as women do, and getting their insight can make it better for everyone.

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The Groom’s Perspective Shares the Burden

If you can’t afford a wedding planner, and most people can’t because they are ridiculously expensive, then you need to do some planning yourself. And as one woman, getting everything down takes a lot of time, even for a small wedding. There are guest lists, trekking around venues, and clothes fittings. And much, much more. So why do it all alone? There are two of you on the special day, are there not? You can share the burden by getting your groom to help.

Your wedding should be fun for both of you, and it isn’t really fair to plan all the things you want. Planning your wedding together means you can share the tasks of getting everything organized and arranged. But it also means you have equal input, so no one is disappointed, or at the least, compromises can be made. You don’t want a wedding with monster trucks, but he needs something of his own, such as maybe hiring a local cover band of his favorite artist.

How to Get Him Involved

Getting your man involved in the wedding can help you shoulder the burden, but it also means he gets some input in what happens, which is only fair. It can be tricky to get some men involved, but all are different. Some guys are more than happy to help you with ideas, while others will not want to do anything. The best way is to play to your groom’s strengths and figure out what he would enjoy doing both in terms of planning and activities on a special day.

You will know your man more than you think when you sit down and think about it. For the wedding, think about what he would like. For example, is he a bit of a foodie? In that case, he may have more insight into the wedding menu than you. Which could be great because this is one of the harder tasks. And further to tasks, list what needs to be done and ask him if he would like to do any of them. However, it’s likely he will just want to arrange the live entertainment.

His Friends and Family

Unless you have an obscene amount of money to spend, then your guest list will be limited, and it is shocking how quickly this can fill up. On average, a typical wedding has between 75 and 150 guests. And when you count family and friends, this often isn’t enough, so sacrifices have to be made. Now this is where it gets tricky because he may want to invite many friends and a lot of family. You need to come to an arrangement that is fair for both of you on a special day.

It can be hard to decide who to invite to your wedding, and the groom has the right to invite people too. So, split it straight down the middle, and take half each. If you feel that you are running out of numbers, then there are a few things you can do. Of course, this means cutting guests, so some people won’t make it to your wedding, which is really why you should only ever think about inviting the people closest to you first. However, here are some guest tips:

  • Make a list of all the people you both want to invite, and then label those closest.
  • Make it a rule that you will only invite friends that you see on a regular basis.
  • Unfortunately, express to guests that you cannot accommodate any children.
  • State on your invitation that there are no “plus one” guests at your wedding.
  • Request that guests RSVP immediately so you can solidify the numbers.
  • Ask if you can invite more family than him if his family is smaller.
  • Make sure people know it’s not personal and there are venue safety rules.

The art of inviting guests to a wedding is nerve-wracking because you don’t want anyone to feel left out. But this is why sticking to some rules is essential, and in almost every case, the venue will have strict rules about guest numbers anyway. This could be because of a disturbance if you are in a hotel, for example. But there are also health and safety laws and regulations that will limit the number of guests at a venue, and this number also includes the bride and groom. 

Men Just Want to Be Comfy

You can agree on guest numbers and who is coming, but it should always be an equal arrangement. Without this, there is the risk that one of you, or indeed both, will not be happy in what should be one of the happiest of your lives. However, while brides typically want the perfect wedding as they imagine in their heads, grooms just want to be comfortable as they say their vows and host guests. This is because, as you may or may not know, men are rather insecure when it comes to emotional things because, traditionally, men aren’t supposed to be.

However, men are emotional, and the perfect wedding to the love of his life is the first time a woman is likely to see a man cry. That and when you have his children. So to keep it together, try to see the wedding from his point of view too. Most men will be happy to let you take the reins on the planning. But they may want a few things for themselves, such as the choice of entertainment, the cars for transportation, and how you go about your first married dance.

Just Ask for the Groom’s Perspective

There are some things men are most likely to think about when they get married. These include music, public displays of love, and the honeymoon. But all men are different, of course, and what one guy cares about another doesn’t. So why leave it to chance and guessing? You can resolve all wedding planning issues by simply asking your husband-to-be what they would like to see. Of course, there need to be boundaries since this very special day is for both of you.

The dress, hair and makeup, and floral arrangements are, of course, off-limits; these are bride-only details in most cases. But there are many things where a man’s input will be useful at your wedding. For example, your guy will probably have some great ideas when it comes to party time, and you can use your groom for arranging things like transportation and flights, which he will probably have some ideas about too. But leave him pleasantly surprised as well.

Do Everything with Respect

Planning a wedding is hard. It takes time to sort out finances and make sacrifices. And this can be extremely stressful before you have even sent out an invite. The stress will affect you, and it will affect your man, so everything must be done equally, respectfully, and with love and care. The wedding is for both of you, and any groom will appreciate you asking for his input on everything and valuing what should be done from his point of view. Doing it together is vital.

The amount of time it takes to plan a wedding is different for everyone, but on average, it takes about a year to get it all together. Saving is the hardest part because weddings are very expensive. Therefore, anything that costs should be discussed as a couple, with respect, because it could mean cutting something from his plans later on. This is why it is vital that you sit down and talk about it before and during all the planning and actualization of the event.


The groom’s perspective of your wedding is just as important as yours, as it is a special day for you both. You may not even know that he might love a stunning wedding ring like yours. And his friends and family are just as important to him. So always discuss everything about the wedding.


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