The Future of Eye Creams with CALECIM’s Stem Cell Skin Care

The Future of Eye Creams with CALECIM's Stem Cell Skin Care

In the journey to achieve more youthful and holistic skin health ourselves, the eyes will often take center stage and stand as the most telling sign of natural aging and any additional stressors and fatigue that can hinder that goal. The delicate skin that surrounds the eyes is particularly vulnerable to plenty of factors, like the passage of time, medical conditions, and the many environmental and lifestyle aggressors that beset our everyday lives. However, with the integration of stem cell technology into skincare formulations, such concerns can be specifically addressed and targeted directly using science-backed solutions with proven efficacy.

As we age, the skin undergoes a series of changes, with some areas more susceptible than others to the visible signs of aging. The area of the skin surrounding the eyes is also known as the periocular or periorbital skin and is characterized by its thin and fragile nature, bearing the brunt of the naturally deteriorating effects and changes of our body. The periocular skin is four times thinner than the rest of the face and is more vulnerable to damage from UV rays, dehydration, and hormonal changes brought on by bad habits like smoking or lack of sleep. It also lacks sebaceous oil glands, which are found in hair follicles and secrete an oily substance that protects the skin from drying out and hydrates its surface layer. Consequently, fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles become unwelcome companions, betraying our age and more damaging lifestyle habits.

Traditional moisturizers may not be a sufficient solution for this delicate region of the face, as the area beneath the eyes requires specialized care and the everyday topical solution may miss the mark and either be too severe on the skin, or not targeted enough. Hence, the challenge lies in finding an effective eye cream that addresses the main concerns without causing irritation or unwanted side effects. Fortunately, advancements in stem cell technology have paved the way for innovative developments like CALECIM® Professional’s Eye Contour Lifting Cream to properly deliver a solution that is both gentle and more hydrating than regular facial lotion.

CALECIM®’s secret and revolutionary formula harnesses the power of stem cell-secreted growth factors and exosomes that make up their patented powerhouse ingredient, called PTT-6™, which is derived from ethically sourced and naturally produced constituents. This stem cell component boasts a myriad of benefits, including the ability to help thicken both the epidermal and dermal skin layers, enhancing texture and elasticity in the skin, and reducing pigment-inducing inflammatory responses. When incorporated in CALECIM®’s specialized eye cream, the combination has been proven to promote circulation within the blood and cells in the periocular area and alleviate puffiness and dark circles, while delivering a tightening effect for smoother, firmer skin.

Eye Contour Lifting Cream

Dr. Julia Sen, an esteemed ophthalmic surgeon who specializes in eye treatment and surgery, has attested to the efficacy of the eye cream in her practice. She emphasized how it can enhance volume, improve skin quality, and reduce creepiness and translucency, leading to visibly tighter and more even textured skin beneath the eyes. With its clinically proven and active ingredients, which include niacinamide, organic acids, and antioxidants like ascorbic and lactic acids, the skincare formulation offers comprehensive care for the delicate eye region. To break it down, Niacinamide improves collagen production ascorbic acid maintains those production levels, while lactic acid increases cellular turnover and helps the dead skin cells to shed faster, fading dark spots and softening fine lines.

The significant potential of the PTT-6™ ingredient as a component of effective stem cell skincare has garnered attention and endorsement from dermatologists and clinicians alike, with in-vitro trials conducted on patients successfully revealing remarkable improvements in skin volume and facial contours. These transformative effects are a result of the unique cell signaling technology that CALECIM® utilizes to develop their skincare range, with their science-backed studies highlighting the ability of growth factors and exosomes to improve skin density and promote cell proliferation at all layers. The outcome is resilient skin that continuously renews and regenerates itself at a cellular level, which remains the key to achieving a beautiful, healthy, and radiant complexion.

CALECIM® has tailored the optimal concentration of the PTT-6® formula within the Eye Contour Lifting Cream required to work synergistically to restore and revive the sensitive periocular skin. This addresses the common laxity and transparency issues faced when it comes to under-eye circles and puffiness, speeding up healing and inducing structural changes over time to improve the periocular’s thin appearance. Aging symptoms such as loss of skin fullness, volume, and definition, as well as lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and loss of elasticity, are effectively corrected with the use of not only this cream but with CALECIM®’s PTT-6®-infused skincare line as a whole. The application of the potent medium of “youth messages” delivered by the ingredient to users has led to positive results that are evident in clinical trials, with visible improvements observed in as little as two weeks.

The future of eye creams lies in the junction where regenerative medicine and stem cell technology meet skincare innovation. With brands like CALECIM® Professional delivering swiftly on that, consumers can expect a new era of skin health solutions that deliver tangible outcomes amidst their anti-aging remedies. High-quality, specialized eye creams are, therefore, essential for properly rejuvenating the sensitive under-eye area and allowing for a more revitalized appearance, and the involvement of stem cell solutions plays a key role in obtaining those refreshed, more youthful eyes.


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