At Four Season Hotel in Milan the businessman and Creative Director Wu Hao presents for the first time in Europe, during Milano Moda Uomo, BIUU, the brand which trascends reality through refined oriental influences.

BIUU, fancy name originating from Wu Hao’s passion for dream like states of the universe, presents a three-part collection “Sant Collection”, “Vanguard Collection” and “Devildom Collection” and inspired by five main themes, which are all connected with Chinese cultural tradition. The main guiding inspiration is the Shan Hai Jing, the opera which describes ancient China mithologically and which is represented by wild beasts in the collection. Among those, the batcat distinguish itself. The classic Chinese iconography finds expression also in most minimal garments: the cloud, which is a recurrent and fortunate symbol during the imperial Chinese period, becomes the graphic element of sweaters characterised by clean cut and essential colours. The concept of the flight is developed also through the horse, relocated inside an undefined universe. The collection is also inspired by elements of nature, in an oriental style: gold, water, wood, fire and ground. Colours play throughy in and yang: the effect is that of dialog and contrastat the same time. The manufacture is precious: fabrics come from the best Parisian and European workshops.  Details are well-finished. The collection structure is wide and various: from formal outerwear to sweater with graphics, from sports pants to minimal and modern jacket.

The man BIUU is modern and contemporary: he alludes to the most authentic ancient oriental tradition and becomes an aesthete of a new and international style.

BIUU is a menswear brand established in Paris in 2016 by the Chinese fashion designer WuHao. Its headquarter is based in Shangai. It already has monobrand boutiques in the most exclusive of the Chinese metropolis. After its debut in Milan, it aims at consolidating its presence internationally, planning the forthcoming opening of executive showrooms in Paris and New York. 

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