The Cocktail Inspired Hair Aesthetic That’s Turning Heads

Ever since Emma D’Arcy dyed their hair a deep Negroni red, the cocktail-inspired hair aesthetic has been growing in popularity, and it’s causing quite a stir! Check out Saweetie’s Chartreuse-inspired green hair look and Maya Hawke’s Met Gala Aperol Spritz hair for examples of this bold, head-turning style this summer.

Delving deeper into the trend, experts at All Things Hair by Unilever unveil a fascinating correlation between the nation’s most popular cocktail hues and the latest hair color trends. Analyzing data across channels (TikTok, Pinterest, and Google), their new research reveals the most popular cocktail-inspired hair colors:

Top Cocktail Inspired Hair Colors

#1 Cosmo Couture 

The Cocktail-Inspired Hair Aesthetic That's Turning Heads - Cosmo Couture

The Cosmo, an adored classic cocktail that just screams powerful pink energy. And that’s exactly the kind of energy we’re seeing all over socials, with ‘pink hair’ racking up 4.3 billion TikTok views and ‘pink cocktails and drinks’ seeing a surge of 740 million views. We’re just guessing here, but our current obsession with pink may have something to do with the star-studded live-action Barbie movie that EVERYONE is talking about!

This look can be easily achieved when worn in the lace front wig style. Or if you want to go the extra mile and opt for a complete color change, you’ll need to start with a bleached base to ensure the pink pops!

#2 Beautifully Blue Lagoon

The Cocktail-Inspired Hair Aesthetic That's Turning Heads - Beautifully Blue Lagoon

As ‘blue hair’ reaches a whopping 3.3 billion views on TikTok and ‘blue cocktails and drinks’ hit 100.3 million views, the blue lagoon look is top of the list for those keen for adventure, instantly transporting us to the sparkling azure waters of the Caribbean.

Whether you opt for ombré or a full dye, blue hues are here to stay. To achieve this look, you’ll need to start with a very light blonde base, so if you’re not a natural blonde, you’ll need to bleach it before adding in this beautiful blue shade.

#3 Purple Rain Perfection

The Cocktail-Inspired Hair Aesthetic That's Turning Heads - Purple Rain Perfection

Purple is having a moment right now, with 1.7 billion TikTok views for ‘purple hair’, and ‘purple cocktails and drinks’ scoring 45.2 million. Inspired by a cocktail fit for our late Prince, pop music icon and legend, these luxurious locks just scream glamor and will no doubt make you feel like royalty.

This classy cocktail can come in multiple shades and hues, and so can this hairstyle! After bleaching your hair, start off with a light purple shade and add dark purple hues to achieve this divinely dimensional look.

#4 Rainbow Paradise

The Cocktail-Inspired Hair Aesthetic That's Turning Heads - RainbowParadise

With Pride upon us, it’s no surprise that the rainbow theme is influencing our hair color and cocktail choices, with  1.6 billion views on TikTok for ‘rainbow hair’ and 83 million views for ‘rainbow cocktails and drinks’.

Accomplish this look by bleaching highlights into your hair and top those base highlights with vibrant rainbow colors. Make sure the colors are spread evenly throughout your mane. It’s worth taking the time to create this color spectrum – your audience will be suitably dazzled!

#5 Chartreuse Charm 

The Cocktail-Inspired Hair Aesthetic That's Turning Heads - Chartreuse Charm

Chartreuse is both a radiant green liqueur and a newly trending color, adding a dynamic flavor to your cocktail and your hairstyle! With 1.4 billion TikTok views for ‘green hair’ and ‘green cocktails and drinks’ scoring 58.6 million views, this intriguing shade has some real attitude and will definitely leave a lasting impression. If you have textured hair, why not incorporate this gorgeous look into box braids? A truly beautiful way to rock the look without a long-term commitment!

#6 Sizzling Aperol Spritz

The Cocktail-Inspired Hair Aesthetic That's Turning Heads - Sizzling Aperol Spritz

Intense and bittersweet with an iconic orange hue, the Aperol Spritz look is really heating things up this summer. It’s surely no coincidence that ‘orange hair’ has racked up 534.4 million TikTok views for ‘orange hair’ while ‘orange cocktails and drinks’ have gathered 8.6 million views.

Yet another beautiful style to explore multiple tones and hues simultaneously, this fiery look can be achieved by asking your hair stylist for ginger-orange tones. When you’re out on the beaches and parks this summer, just look for that distinctive gleam!

#7 Sassy Sangria 

The Cocktail-Inspired Hair Aesthetic That's Turning Heads -SassySangria

Whether you prefer sipping on a smooth Negroni or a fruity Sangria, the nation is definitely seeing red right now, with hashtags for ‘wine red hair’ garnering 16.3 million views on TikTok and ‘red cocktails and drinks’ clocking 6.2 million.

Sangria Hair is the ultimate romance look – its deep ruby blush is bound to get hearts a-fluttering! Get this look by placing highlights in multiple shades of light red copper and red hues to add a gorgeous all-around Sangria shade.

Anna-Bet Stemmet, Food & Drinks writer for The Mixer, a drinkspiration platform, comments on the trend:

Cocktail culture has been making a major comeback across the board of late, and this has now splashed over into the beauty world, where the gorgeous colors of popular mixed drinks are inspiring trendy new looks as well. Aperol Spritz’s hair, for instance, plays with a striking color palette and also captures the luxurious, laid-back vibe of a sun-drenched day on the Amalfi coast. So, yes, it’s a hair color, but it also tells a whole story. And, of course, Gen Z doesn’t stop at the hair – they bring it full circle and match their color aesthetic with food and drinks when hosting events like color cocktail parties which are all over TikTok at the moment. We love seeing this full creative spectrum on show.”

Nelly Ghansah, Natural Hair Editor at All Things Hair, has this to say on the trend:

“For the past few years, we have spent so much time focusing on neutral colors. As we begin to break into the trend of indulging in more color, what’s a more beautiful way to get inspired than with the exuberant cocktails we see so commonly? These cocktail-inspired hair trends motivate us to draw inspiration from the unconventional when it comes to everything else, from the way we dress and style to the way we express ourselves.”




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