The Black Tape Project at LA Fashion Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion 2023

The Black Tape Project made a stunning debut at the Los Angeles Fashion Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion 2023. Known for their unique and edgy designs, The Black Tape Project did not disappoint with their latest collection, which featured models adorned in metallic tape.

The Black Tape Project is a Miami-based fashion brand that has been making waves in the industry since its inception in 2008. Their designs are characterized by the use of metallic tape to create unique and innovative pieces that push the boundaries of traditional fashion.

At the Los Angeles Fashion Week, The Black Tape Project showcased their latest collection, which featured models adorned in metallic tape designs that were both edgy and provocative. The collection featured a range of pieces, from barely-there bikinis to full-body suits, all crafted from metallic tape.

Video by 18 Mile Media and Premium Paris.

Powered by @artheartsfashion

Hair Care: @iconproducts Tools: @thebeachwaver
Makeup Tools: @japonesque
Lighting: @themakeuplight
Beauty director @aprillovebeauty


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