The Biggest Fashion Trends in NYC Right Now

The Biggest Fashion Trends in NYC Right Now 1
Photo by Joe Pregadio on Unsplash

Fashion-loving New Yorkers are known for their innovative and fearless style, and they’ll try just about anything to keep things fresh. As one of the fashion capitals of the world — along with Paris, London, and Milan — New York’s fashion trends come and go pretty quickly. By the time the “latest” trends hit the rest of the world — even in the age of Instagram — NYC has already moved on to the next big thing. So, what’s currently trending in NYC? Here are the biggest fashion trends New Yorkers are embracing this summer:

90s Accessories

Many signature styles from the 90s, like slip dresses and combat boots, are still popular. (For a really fun look, try pairing the two together!) But right now, the biggest 90s trends are in the form of accessories. Think tiny handbags, structured and boxy handbags, beaded chokers, thong sandals (and thong kitten heel sandals), thin strappy sandals, oval or cat eye sunglasses, and squared-toe shoes galore. Any color will do, but if you really want to hit the 90s trend hard, go for brown, white, or oxblood shoes and bags. Bonus points if you get shoes or a square bag in faux-crocodile.
As for how to wear the 90s accessories, you can’t go wrong with full 90s style or else a minimalist approach. Layer a beaded choker with gold or silver chains, and wear it with your favorite crop top or one-shoulder tank top. Try a square-toed shoe with a floral dress or linen slacks, and a thong sandal with the latest knee-grazing denim shorts trend. Pair a structured bag with any of these styles to complete the look!


Move over normcore — the big style trend this year is “dad” style, also known as dadcore. And yes, that means looks that your dad might wear to make a fashion statement at the table, such as bulky sneakers, athletic wear, short-sleeve button-down shirts, baseball caps, logo shirts, hoodies, and polos. It also includes oversized shirts and sweaters, loose slacks, printed shirts, athletic shorts, high socks, and khaki pants. This trend is popular with women of all ages, but it’s especially popular with young men and women right now.

The Biggest Fashion Trends in NYC Right Now 3
Photo by Muhammad Ruqiyaddin on Unsplash

The most in-style elements of this trend this summer include bulky sneakers, vacation-style or button-down short sleeve shirts, and bright athletic shorts that look like men’s swim trunks. To style this look, try pairing all three of these items together. Too much? Pair bulky sneakers with a more feminine dress, a printed button-down shirt with some loose slacks and flat sandals, or athletic shorts with a crop top and low-heeled sandals.

Romantic Getaway

It’s August, which means New Yorkers are savoring the last days of summer and dreaming of getting out of the city. Whether they head to Europe or the Hamptons, they’ll certainly be spotted sporting the breezy and romantic getaway look. The biggest elements of this look right now include smocked tops and dresses (usually in fun or floral prints), strappy sandals, low-heeled slip-on sandals — more practical than high heels for running through lush fields at a moment’s notice, obviously! — full skirts, white cotton dresses, and fitted cardigans (for chilly nights).
The key to this look is to not over-accessorize. Keep jewelry to a minimum — aim for dainty accessories or else one statement piece. Smocked dresses are the biggest element of this trend at the moment, so if you’re looking for one item to try out from this look, choose this one. Drape a thin cardigan over your shoulders for an even more on-trend look (which will also be huge this fall). Pair the look with loose wavy hair and some lip gloss — and maybe a smokey eye at night for a more daring romantic look — and you’re all set.

Looking to freshen up your wardrobe before fall hits, or just want to have some fun? Try out some of the biggest trends all over the streets of NYC — you’ll be mistaken for an It-Girl fashion blogger in no time!

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