The Best Trendy Lingerie for Each Body Type

The Best Trendy Lingerie for Each Body Type

Are you preparing for a special night out with your bae? Are you treating yourself to new lingerie because you deserve something nice and want to feel your absolute best? Well, we’re here to help and share the new, trendiest lingerie item to add to your wardrobe: body stockings.

This look is gaining major traction right now. Between being ultimately sexy and incredibly flattering for various body types, there’s much to love. Surprise your bed buddy or indulge in self-care in the perfect body stocking with our guide below.

Long and lean, curvy, or athletic, here are the best pieces based on body type so you can flaunt what your momma gave you.

1. Sexy Lingerie Looks for Tall Girls

You have the long and lean body type if you have “legs for days.” In fact, you’ve probably heard that saying applied to you more than once. And, as the old saying goes, dressing for your body type is all about playing up those model-like legs of yours.

Finding a body stocking that covers your feet will continue to lengthen your legs. Plus, it will look ultra-sexy when worn with your favorite pumps or strappy heels. In particular, the fishnet style body stockings are the perfect pattern to stretch your already-long legs and draw the eyes up, up, up.

The Best Trendy Lingerie for Each Body Type

2. Body stockings for Curvy Girls

Curvy bodies are one of the most sought-after of our time. From Marilyn Monroe to any of the Kardashian sisters, there’s no shortage of curvy-girl icons to admire. Accentuate your coveted curves with vertical lines. They’ll not only lengthen your body but, more importantly, will also show off your tiny waist and voluptuous hips and breasts.

Choosing body stockings that feature vertical lines is a simple rule that guarantees you a gorgeous piece that will put you into action fast.

3. Lingerie for Athletic Body Types

Athletic body types tend to be balanced, with shoulders and hips of approximately the same width and a fairly straight waist between. Showing off your collarbone and arms and elongating your legs and neck are the go-to moves when finding a style that complements your perfect body proportions.

V-necks, off-the-shoulder tops, and high-cut bottoms are all elements that will help elongate your body and highlight curves you never knew you had.

Choose pieces that feature these, and you’ll find your new go-to that provides all the lengthening and all the sex appeal in one gorgeous piece. Another classic look for your body type is anything strappy that comes together in the center of your waist. The ultra-sexy waist-defining look is perfect for athletic bodies.

The Best Lingerie for Every Body Type

Whichever body type you have, not only can you pull off the body stocking look, but with the right piece, you’ll also show off all your favorite assets. The key is knowing your body type and finding something that emphasizes those favorite features.

Over-the-feet designs are a tall girl’s best friend, athletic bodies will have curves for days, and curvy bodies will love the femininity vertical lines accentuate.

Each and every body type looks equally as jaw-droppingly sexy in flattering and trendy lingerie. The best part? You don’t have to be choosy. With many affordable options, pick out a set for every occasion of the year or even every day of the week if that’s more your style. In short, you can’t go wrong with the body stocking look.


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