The Best Strategies for Clearing Your Pores

A healthy and glowing complexion is one of the most important aspects to a complete personal style. It allows you to walk out of your home with confidence and to face whatever challenges the day may throw your way. However, clogged pores present the largest obstacle in achieving an even and clear skin tone. In fact, failing to properly clean them each day can lead to the development of blemishes that have a lasting effect on the overall health of your skin. These are some of the best strategies for clearing your pores and keeping them that way.

The Best Strategies for Clearing Your Pores

Regularly Exfoliate

Skin exfoliation is a crucial part of any skin care routine, as it’s the most direct method of purging your pores of debris at home. Available in physical and chemical products, exfoliating substances work by brushing away or dissolving any dirt, oil, or dead skin cells that could cause your pores to clog and enflame. Exfoliants can reach deeper into the skin than most cleansers can while giving your face the pampered feel of a massage. It’s important to note, though, that this process—while effective—can also dry out your skin. So make sure to always follow up with a moisturizer.

Use Products with Retinol

Formulas that are rich in retinol, or vitamin A, are also incredibly beneficial for the health of your pores. This substance is considered a chemical exfoliant that dissolves debris, and it’s a great stimulant for encouraging your skin to produce more collagen as well. With firmer skin, your pores will naturally shrink in size and become harder to clog.

Wear a Detox Mask

Another of the best strategies for clearing your pores is to use a specialized detox mask once a week. Face masks, specifically the types made of charcoal or clay, possess purifying properties that attract materials from deep within your pores and pull them to the surface. When you wash the mask off, these toxins are sent spiraling down the drain instead of being left on your face. Using them too often can dry out your skin, but using them in moderation is a great way to maintain a clear complexion.

Pursue Professional Extractions

If you still find you’re struggling to clear out your pores, you may want to reach out to your trusted dermatologist for advice. These professionals can perform pore extractions that safely squeeze the contents out of enflamed pores, providing you with some relief. Extractions aren’t permanent fixes, but they at least clear the pores enough that you can effectively clean them during your skin care routine.


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