The Benefits of Having a Beard

For a long time in the early 20th century, beards were frowned upon by society, with most men sporting a clean-shaven look. Today, beards are back to being more socially acceptable, which gives you the freedom to grow out your facial hair and try it out. If you are considering it, learn about the benefits of having a beard.

The Benefits of Having a Beard

Keeps You Warm in Cold Weather

Winter is coming along with its frigid temperatures. An excellent way to keep warm is to grow a beard. A beard will act as a barrier between your face and the cold winds, which can cause chapped skin. With a beard, there is no need for a face mask, because you will have a natural one to keep you comfortable during the winter months.

Protect Your Face from the Sun

A beard can also be just as helpful during the summer as well. This is because sporting a beard can protect your face from the UV rays the sun emits. The obvious reason is due to facial hair acting as a fence to the sun, just like how it blocks you from the cold wind in the winter.

Can Improve Your Confidence

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is something incredibly hard to find. One way you can feel more confident and attractive is by growing a beard. With a well-groomed beard, you can enhance features of your face, such as your jawline and eyes, to appear more attractive. A beard can also make you feel and appear wiser.

Helps Fight Allergies

There are different types of allergies that can affect us all year round. Helping with allergies is another one of the benefits of having a beard. A beard can act as a defense to allergies by serving once again as a barrier—except in this case, it shields you from allergens found both outside and inside.

Reduces Razor Bumps

A major pain with shaving is having to deal with razor bumps and breakouts. When you have a beard, you don’t have to worry about that as much, because you won’t be shaving as often. However, you should still shave your neckline and cheeks to keep your beard nice and neat.

Easy Maintenance

A beard doesn’t require much maintenance. You can keep your beard looking nice and your skin hydrated every day by using beard oil. Every so often, you will have to clean it up with a beard trimmer.  Depending on your length, you may need to comb it out as well, but that still beats shaving it every day—plus, combing won’t take up as much time.

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