The 35th Annual Dominican Day Parade in New York City

Dominican Day Parade

The mission of the Dominican Day Parade of New York City is to celebrate the richness of the Dominican culture, folklore and popular traditions. The Parade highlights, promotes, and acknowledges the heritage and contributions of the Dominican community in America and throughout the world.

The key theme for this year’s parade is “Honoring and Empowering the Dominican Woman.” For decades, Dominican women secured their place in history in both the U.S. and in the Dominican Republic, from the heroic Mirabal Sisters to Maria Trinidad Sanchez, to Julissa Reynoso, to notable Hollywood actresses like Zoe Zaldana and Maria Montez, and musicians such as Milly Quezada and Angela Carrasco, their work transcends geography and culture. Furthermore, Dominican women have not been traditionally recognized and celebrated in their roles of mother and homemaker, and this is an excellent opportunity to recognize the important contributions that millions of Dominican women have in our everyday lives.
In the name of those who paved the way, the Dominican Day Parade honors the untold stories of the everyday Dominican-American women who work hard in their respective fields. Their families and communities recognize their resilience. We acknowledge with pride Dominican-American women excelling in science, law, business and the arts. We also acknowledge those who are the backbone of our economy: the essential female workers who clean offices in midtown high-rises, care for elders as home health aides, while raising aspiring children and giving back to our community.

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Dominican Parade Organization and Sponsors:
Coca-Cola     DELTA     CUNY

Acacia Network     1199SEIU     NYSNA

CatholicCharities     Goya Foods     

Alianza     cache     jetblue     Syracuse

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