Tel K. Ganesan of Kyyba, Inc.: Globally Recognized Entrepreneur & Businessman Empowering People to Live Their Best Lives

Tel K. Ganesan is a self-made millionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor, film producer, and world traveler with a globally recognized reputation for his work as Founder/Executive Chairman of Kyyba, Inc., a Michigan-headquartered global IT company with over 700 employees and millions in annual revenue.

A member of the Producers Guild of America, Ganesan also serves as the Founder of Kybba Films, known for producing original feature films, documentaries, and music videos, in addition to distributing feature-length movies such as The Marksman, featuring Academy Award-nominated Actor Liam Neeson.

His achievements as a producer and filmmaker have earned him accolades that include 2019 Filmmaker of the Year (Mahatma Gandhi Medallion of Excellence) and a place among the organization’s list of Top 20 Global Icons. Learn more about Detroit-based Kyyba Films at

Tel K. Ganesan of Kyyba, Inc.: Globally Recognized Entrepreneur & Businessman Empowering People to Live Their Best Lives

1. Can you share with us your background and your career?

I grew up in a temple town called Trichy in South India, where I had my early education. I am the eldest in the family and grew up along with two siblings. My parents took a keen interest in education and ensured that we all studied at reputed schools and colleges.

My mother nurtured my American dream even when I was a child. Her passion along with the law of the universe has helped me envision my American dream.

My journey started in the US when I came to pursue my Masters in Mechanical Engineering, followed by working for one of the major automotive companies. With the vast experience gained by working for more than a decade, I wanted to pursue entrepreneurship to be my own boss.

At that point, it was a major life-changing decision, as I had to quit my well-paying job and secure life, all to start from scratch.

Somehow, I convinced myself that my risk would pay off, and with all my enthusiasm, I plunged into entrepreneurship. I invested all the knowledge, skill, and foresight I earned from working, networking, and my personal experiences in life to start the venture.

Kyyba Inc, a Michigan, US, headquartered IT company, became my launch board, through which I have included Health & Wellness, and Entertainment, giving way to a Global Film Production and Distribution Company. Now I have close to 900 employees working across the globe in different verticals.

2. Can you share with our readers how you started your company and the mission behind it?

I started Vision Tech Solutions in the year 1998 and bought several other companies, and later merged them as Kyyba Inc.  I always believe that an entrepreneur should bring solutions to people’s challenges through his product or services. Through my staffing services, and IT solutions, I have helped many companies to grow, and enhance their productivity.

Kyyba’s mission is to impart a good value system across the organization, empowering all the employees to reach their fullest potential, and bringing operational excellence through their passion. Happiness should be the pursuit of every individual, wish to impart the same to all our employees.

When teams are empowered, and they work with full passion, there would be very less intervention required, as the employees are already motivated.

I combine the prowess of my Eastern values with the knowledge of the West and implement that in my business and life. I go by that philosophy and ensure we are always self-evolving, innovating ourselves, and serving the best in the communities we belong to.

Apart from my companies, I am also involved in several philanthropic activities. Kyyba Kidz assists orphaned children and underprivileged individuals and helps them to enhance their quality of life through education and job assistance.

Also, I am working towards attracting foreign direct investment in the region, helping immigrants in Metro Detroit, and supporting STEM education in the Michigan region.

3. How is diversity in the workplace evolving, and how does it play into your company and its mission?

As an immigrant entrepreneur in the US, I enjoy great freedom, support, and growth in this country, and when everyone is given fair and equal opportunity to develop, there would be tremendous progress all over the world.

I am a strong advocate of Diversity and Inclusion, and no differences based on their gender, age, nationality, or any other disparities should crop in Kyyba.

This has brought a lot of positive changes to our organization. Firstly, we have a large pool of talents, working across different capacities from various parts of the US and offshore units across other geographical locations.

We reap a lot of benefits because of our open culture, and our policy. Kyyba has won the award several times for the best human resource practices and has been recognized as one of the cool places to work.

We have a positive atmosphere, where innovations and ideas from different viewpoints are strengthening the company. We learn every day, implement, and bring novel solutions. It is the breath of innovation and happiness that keeps kyyba growing and developing.

4. During the pandemic many people lost their jobs and livelihood, how did your company adapt and pivot during this time to be what it is today?

I always love the quote, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Everything will have a solution when there is focus and determination. Throughout my journey of entrepreneurship, I have experienced several challenges, and after crossing each one of them, I would emerge as a more confident and determined person.

When the pandemic burst, I felt a jolt in my mind, and with our team’s constant effort, we brought everything back. Solutions began to appear. We found alternatives to keep our teams motivated and connected. We supported our employees and ensured their jobs with Kyyba remained intact.

Digital transformation and digital disruption erupted across the globe, and Information technology was one of the industries that saw growth even during the pandemic and other challenges. During the pandemic time, all my teams operated remotely. We started understanding the pulse of the business outside.

We understood that other organizations and industries would also be looking for connection, communication, and overall safety while working online.

We started providing various platforms, tools, solutions, and comprehensive cyber security facilities to many organizations across the world. Kyyba Films, despite many challenges owing to the pandemic, we were able to produce movies, and distribute them through OTT.

5. If you could go back and talk to your younger self what would you tell him and why?

 If I could time travel and meet my younger self, I would like to impart a lot of things that I learned now. Firstly, I would ask him to jump into entrepreneurship as early as possible and be confident in his actions.

Though experience is important, I vouch for my success today towards some bold decisions that I took, and I stood by them. As entrepreneurship has many ebbs and got to face turbulence often, I would tell him to be more determined, and strong in life.

Another lesson I learned now in life is to be cautious in each step, and never trust people too blindly. I have also taken several backslashes because of that. I would certainly add this advice to love everyone, but with caution.

Above all, I would emphasize living life to its fullest. Happiness is the pursuit of life, and there is no other purpose in life than to keep ourselves and others associated with us very joyful every moment.

6. Where do you see yourself and your career going in this new year and the future?

I see myself as a juggler between projects I have from different industries. I have various movie projects lined up as a producer and distributor. Kyyba wellness, which focuses on good health and wellness is about to take off, and I would be working on those projects as well.

As Kyyba Fashions is also booming, I would ensure I invest my time and acumen there too. Various processes at Kyyba Inc are already streamlined, and I give my focus to those projects as well. Thus, my plate is full for the coming year, and looking forward to an eventful 2023.

I always enjoy learning and implementing new things in my life and business. I also have a lot of happiness when I learn new, and I invest my previous experiences earned from entrepreneurship over the years. Winning gives me an adrenaline rush, and I enjoy every moment of it.

Once in ten years, I add new ventures and start new lines of business. Starting from a tech company, I have moved to movies, wellness, fashion, and so on. I am eagerly awaiting, what would be the next venture to unleash.

7. How can our readers connect with you on social media?

 To know more about me, readers can access the links below:

On Facebook, I can be found at

On Instagram, I can be found at

On LinkedIn, connect with me at

On Twitter, you can follow me at @Telganesan

My website:

Tel K. Ganesan of Kyyba, Inc.: Globally Recognized Entrepreneur & Businessman Empowering People to Live Their Best Lives

Tel K. Ganesan of Kyyba, Inc.: Globally Recognized Entrepreneur & Businessman Empowering People to Live Their Best Lives

Tel K. Ganesan of Kyyba, Inc.: Globally Recognized Entrepreneur & Businessman Empowering People to Live Their Best Lives


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