TATRAS Fall Winter 20/21 Runway Show at Paris Fashion Week

TATRAS FW20/21 Runway Show Package at Paris Fashion Week


This time, the new Tatras collection takes us on an open journey through time and brings together a vintage influence with a contemporary appeal.

Theatre of life, between experience and experimentation, nostalgia and hope, this collection travels through time. It is about creative time loops, back and forth, and above all, history. After all, vintage is only cultivated through a vision of modernity.

Like a Proust Madeleine, denim, bandanna and tie and dye remind us of childhood and innocence. We find in this part of the show the passage of iconic motifs that have made fashion but in an amazing mix of materials. Indeed, we find matching denim buttons on a denim jacket embellished with gold zippers: The 2000’s are in full force in this time travel. The colors are soft, ocean blues, white and act as a call for travel. The bandannas then become prints found on the jackets to show versatility.

Tie and dye is making a comeback like a whirlpool taking us on a journey towards the future. This nostalgia is suddenly counterbalanced by very modern tones underlined by intense and invigorating colors. All this profusion of information is translated into coordinated looks, all in patterns and volumes. A spirit of luxury rises up thanks to the golden accents and soft colors of corduroy: the winter wind has never been so bright.

12 futuristic creatures appear with contemporary, oversize and deliberately disproportionate pieces.

We are now in the future, there is only one step left to take.

Hidden behind its ultra-modern forms we quickly find the materials of the past: nylon, vinyl, all dyed as in the 70’s. Past and future are getting lost. Travel is at the center of the aesthetic with the idea of the sleeping bag that we leave on ourselves like a huge jacket.

The clothing is functional, cheerful but also protective. We suddenly fall back into childhood thanks to the fact that the fabrics optically allude to the colorful candies and chocolate wrappers that we used to eat.

Messages are tagged on the jackets and shout a positive message to the world. The logo is also reinterpreted on the jackets.

But at the end of the journey the happiness of simple things, the appreciation of life, love and color emerges. Because of its childish interpretation we do not take ourselves seriously, the goal is simply to live in happiness.

Credits :

 Hair                     Beppe D’Elia and the Beautick team

Make up              Beppe D’Elia and the Beautick team

Production          erkerstudio

Music                   Julien Granel

Casting                Mathilde Hesse

Photo                   Nicolò Parsenziani Studio

Video                   Nicolò Parsenziani Studio

Official Website: https://www.tatras.it/en/

Instagram: @tatras_official @totem_fashion

Past, present, future – who knows what will come back

Founded in 2006 By Masanaka Sakao – TATRAS first established awareness by proposing a new idea of modern luxury in the international market with a core focus on their now signature high end down jacket.
In 2010 Tatras opened its first showroom in Milan Italy which also served as a flagship store. Fast forward to today the TATRAS brand has grown to be present in over 350 stores worldwide and holds three flagship stores in Asia as well as one in Europe. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, TATRAS prides itself on simple sophistication with high attention to detail, producing garments that combine both technical innovation and an impeccable level of craftsmanship. The TATRAS brand has positioned itself as a luxury product in today’s market with its collections offering a perfect combination of essential yet minimal designs and practically refined garments. TATRAS continues to consistently dedicate themselves towards developing new design solutions while still presenting a modern contemporary look characterized by high performance technical fabrics.

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