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“The Traveling Gentleman” Following our guided tours of the Stefano Ricci’s headquarter to see their 100% made in Italy products and the extraordinary 18th century silk mill L’Antico Setificio Fiorentino in Florence, which still uses a warping machine based on a design by Leonardo Da Vinci in Florence, we were once again taken on another memorable journey at one …

Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XXIII - Show

CELEBRITY FIGHT NIGHT 2017 AN EVENING WITH STEFANO RICCI AND ANDREA BOCELLI, JOSÉ CARRERAS AND MALIKA AYANE An exclusive evening on Thursday, September 7th at Palazzo Colonna, Rome ROME – Everything is ready for “Celebrity Fight Night”, which will begin tomorrow evening in Rome with the event organised by STEFANO RICCI to support the Andrea …

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Stefano Ricci 45th Anniversary Fashion Show

“Reminiscing the: Stefano Ricci 45th Anniversary Fashion Show: One month has gone by, and it seems just as if it was yesterday. It was all about eleganza at the Stefano Ricci’s 45th anniversary during Pitti Uomo 91. The celebration took place at the Sala Bianca, one of Florence’s jewels for fashion and history being that …

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SALA BIANCA – JANUARY 11th, 2017 Poetry in white. The immaculate colour which contains all other colours. Poetry of a grand and pure place, ancient and modern, light yet sophisticated, with dazzling lights which are at the same time spiritual. Everything in the Sala Bianca becomes a dream, magical, wonderous. STEFANO RICCI looks at the history of …

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