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FRANKLIN EUGENE – TIGER STRONG MILAN FASHION WEEK, MEN’S FALL/WINTER 2018/19 Franklin Eugene is delighted to reveal TIGER STRONG, a men’s Fall Winter 2018/2019 clothing range inspired by the tiger like strength of the indomitable human spirit. Tigers are among the most well noted and adored of the world’s most alluring “superfauna” (large animal species with global, …

Franklin Eugene Fashion Designs Sunlit

Milan, Italy, June 20, 2017 Franklin Eugene’s solar array of chic, classic, comfortable clothing shined like the bright morning star that inspired it.  Something about the synergy between the light and airy semi-sheer chiffons, silks, and mesh fabrics’ convergence with classic menswear textiles put us at ease straight away.  The models seemed to really get …

Franklin Eugene Fashion Designs

FRANKLIN EUGENE presents A CUT ABOVE, a Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection inspired by triumph through and over all types of adversity.