Surkana Spring/Summer 24 – Tatouage

Surkana Spring/Summer 24 - Tatouage

The universe of tattooing becomes couture in the SS 24 collection by Surkana which explores its essence and history in the name of color and prints in an aesthetic and artistic journey from which to be conquered. Richness is the watchword of a kaleidoscope of shapes, symbols, and patterns in which there is room for a divertissement between natural and geometric elements with incursions of the author. So the daily style is told by light and comfortable textures, which prefer a sustainable approach, in the most authentic philosophy of the brand – between natural and bamboo viscose, corn and aloe fibers alongside organic cotton – and in which the identity of Surkana explodes thanks to a métissage of graphics and chromatic nuances on the key pieces of the summer women’s wardrobe.

This follows, of course, different routes, which start from the sea, from that Blue Sailor that contains all the emotions of an enchanted journey between temptations of maritime symbols and blue games on chemistry and two pieces with trousers, between stripes and the iconic white and blue combo.  A tribute to Paul Jacoulet and his ethnographic representation of the tattoo is found in the liveliness of a palette that lingers on lilacs and pastels to pay homage to A femininity that also lives on jumpsuits and pants cargo.

It is the best known of tattoos, the Maori, to certify the happy union of black and white, between a reinterpretation of houndstooth and classicism scratched by ethno-chic incursions. And again destination Tahiti and its singer, Paul Gauguin, who represented the typical exuberance translated here into an inspiration of colors, return to nature, tropical flowers that are accompanied by the essentiality of the lines of long dresses like soft trousers.

And if the tattoo is a symbol, Tiki is the image of that protection that is found in the shades of green and natural that cover micro clothes; and again the magical essence, or rather, Magic of the designs on the skin is enhanced by an unscrupulous use of color, which signs in an identity way the floral and ethnic prints of the dresses, Tops, and suits. The Natural is always present, whose memory, as the name recalls, is a direct emanation of the earth, its colors, and its textures in a game of suggestions to wear and that’s not all. The themes explored by the collection are found in the beachwear capsule collection in which the costumes are combined with kimonos and beach accessories for an irresistible total look.

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The SURKANA brand was founded in 2002 and the journey and the experiences that derive from it, have always been the sources of inspiration for its collections. What matters is not the destination, but the experience you have during the trip because Surkana is a fashion brand that does not end with fashion itself: the identity of the brand is in fact represented by the people who live, experience, and observe the real world that surrounds them.



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