Surkana Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Surkana Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

The world of tattoos transcends into couture in SURKANA‘s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, which delves into the essence and history of tattoo art through a kaleidoscope of colors and prints. This aesthetic and artistic journey invites us to embrace a rich tapestry of shapes, symbols, and patterns, where playful interactions between natural and geometric elements are punctuated with artistic flair.

Surkana‘s daily wear is defined by light, comfortable textures that lean towards sustainability, true to the brand’s core philosophy. The collection features natural viscose and bamboo fibers, corn and aloe fibers, alongside organic cotton, showcasing Surkana’s identity through a fusion of graphics and color gradients on key pieces of the summer female wardrobe. The collection takes diverse paths, starting from the sea with the “Blue Sailor” theme, encapsulating the emotions of an enchanted journey with maritime symbols and blue hues on shirt dresses and two-piece sets, including pinstripes and the iconic white-and-blue combination.

A tribute to Paul Jacoulet’s ethnographic representation of tattoos is found in the lively palette focusing on lilacs and pastels, celebrating femininity with jumpsuits and cargo pants. The renowned Maori tattoo confirms the harmonious blend of black and white, reinterpreting pied-de-poule with a classic touch marked by ethno-chic incursions. The destination then shifts to Tahiti and its chronicler, Paul Gauguin, whose representation of exuberance is translated into a palette inspired by nature, tropical flowers, and the simplicity of lines in long dresses and soft trousers.

In this collection, tattoos symbolize protection, as seen in the green and natural tones covering micro dresses. The magical essence, or “Magic,” of tattoo designs is highlighted by the bold use of color, defining the floral and ethnic prints on dresses, tops, and jumpsuits. The theme of “Natural” is ever-present, its name a direct nod to the earth, its colors, and textures, creating an array of wearable inspirations.

Furthermore, the collection’s themes extend to a capsule collection of beachwear, where swimsuits are complemented by kimonos and beach accessories for an irresistible total look.

Founded in 2002, SURKANA is inspired by travel and the experiences it brings. For Surkana, it’s not about the destination but the journey and the experiences along the way. Surkana is more than a fashion brand; it’s about the people who live, explore, and observe the real world around them, embodying the brand’s identity.


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