Surkana Fall Winter 2024 – Songlines

A poetic tale of Australia, rendered through lines, fabrics, and prints, aims to capture the stylistic essence of a land steeped in tradition. This vision, crafted by Surkana for the Fall-Winter season of 2024-2025, is a homage to the vibrant and powerful inspirations that define the aesthetic geography of Australia. The collection draws upon ancient symbolism, highlighting the deep connection with nature that is characteristic of Aboriginal cultures. This connection serves as the core theme of Surkana’s offering, with Aboriginal art playing a pivotal role in this stylistic exploration. The art is reflected in the designs’ graphics, emphasizing textures and showcasing the handcrafted quality of the prints. Color plays a crucial role, with bold and defined hues bringing life to abstract patterns inspired by Australian myths and legends. The result is a form of femininity that is soulful and capable of conveying Surkana’s aesthetic codes, even with a focus on sustainability by prioritizing natural fibers like viscose, bamboo viscose, ecovero, cotton, recycled polyester, wool, mohair, and alpaca.

Surkana FW 24 – Songlines

This collection is a love letter, a Songlines, capturing the essence of an environment where neutral tones are a belief system and the simplicity of garment lines speaks to daily life. Surkana’s woman is enveloped in perfectly proportioned outerwear, soft fits, and prints that echo the Earth’s memory, embodying a promise. The Aboriginal philosophy of interconnected living beings is woven into the fabric of the collection, particularly evident in the Dingo theme, where mysticism is explored through vibrant colors like electric blue, orange, and brown. These colors breathe life into versatile pieces, including trench coats and knitwear, all underpinned by a timeless Dreamtime theme where red hues and landscape-inspired graphics adorn shirts, dresses, and jackets.

The collection’s richness is mirrored in the Aboriginal Art theme, a kaleidoscope of pop-infused colors that favor classic lines disrupted by unexpected mix-and-match combinations. The journey of discovery to the Pleiades is encapsulated in the Seven Sisters theme, with green enchantments welcoming cozy outerwear and dazzling two-piece sets, reinterpreting masculine elements with an elegant silver touch. The Ritual theme eschews compromise, opting for a blend of winter-toned patterns that express distinctly feminine allure.

The collection rounds off with the Fun Capsule, a knitwear-focused line that centers on vibrant colors and geometric graphics, complemented by accessories that style smiles.

Founded in 2002, SURKANA is inspired by the journey and the experiences it brings. For Surkana, fashion is about more than just clothing; it’s about the experiences, experiments, and observations of those navigating the real world around them.


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