Sugarhill DDOT Reunites with BBG Steppaa for Vigorous New Drill Collaboration “Spinnin’ Pt. 2”

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Sugarhill DDOT Reunites with BBG Steppaa for Vigorous New Drill Collaboration “Spinnin’ Pt. 2”

December 15, 2023 – Today, rising New York hip-hop teenaged hitmaker Sugarhill Ddot reunites with Newark upstart BBG Steppaa to deliver “Spinnin’ Pt. 2.” Listen Here via Priority Records. A follow up to the duo’s epic summer jam Spinnin’,” the track boasts menacing AyyoLucas and Kosfinger production complemented by rapid-fire bars. One listen and it becomes apparent why Ddot is taking over the burgeoning NYC drill scene. “Spinnin’” came with a cinematic video filmed in BBG’s home of Newark. Now with “Spinnin’ Pt 2” the duo takes over the streets of New York in the new Rari Digital directed visual which includes a cameo from DD Osama. Watch it Here.



“I ain’t taking no chances,” Ddot raps over driving percussion and foreboding violin loops. “Imma op ‘til I see that they bleed.” BBG then steps up to the mic for his verse. “Aye aye glock on my hip on the left side,” he raps. “Aye aye I’m trying to spit make a jet fly.” It’s raucous, rowdy, and showcases the pair’s creative chemistry.

Sugarhill DDOT Reunites with BBG Steppaa for Vigorous New Drill Collaboration “Spinnin’ Pt. 2”

“Spinnin’ Pt. 2” follows Ddot’s smooth melodic track My Baby.” Prior to that, he dropped the dance-ready Shake It,” the fiery “Make A Mess,” and the Miami-inspired “3AM In The Yams,” Ddot’s collaboration with Luh Tyler. That track quickly made waves, hitting over one million video views within four days. It’s a testament to the newcomer’s meteoric rise to prominence. To kick off his Priority Records debut the young MC dropped the MCVertt (Lil Uzi Vert) produced standout track “Let Ha Go” alongside a striking George Buford (Ice Spice) directed video.

Staring at age 13 Ddot was quickly making waves. On YouTube, his self-released tracks I Wanna Love You,” Dream” and The Real Purge have racked up over 16 million combined views — and those conventional metrics only capture a small slice of this phenomenon in the making. To date Sugarhill Ddot has amassed over 46 million streams in the U.S. alone in his budding career. And soon, Sugarhill Ddot will make his 2024 Rolling Loud debut in Los Angeles on March 15th.


Sugarhill DDOT Reunites with BBG Steppaa for Vigorous New Drill Collaboration “Spinnin’ Pt. 2”

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About Sugarhill Ddot:

Sugarhill Ddot represents a key link in the chain that stretches back to “Rapper’s Delight” by reflecting the current sound of New York City—drill music and all its brash, hyperkinetic offshoots—while retaining the spirit of youthful innovation that made rap a phenomenon in the first place. Despite Ddot being in the spotlight for just a short time, breakout hits like “I Wanna Love You,” “Evil Twins” and its sequel, and “Stop Cappin” have confirmed him as an unmissable talent, with a positively infectious energy. Now, on the precipice of national stardom, he’s aiming to bring a mass audience along with him as he discovers the sort of artist he wants to be in real-time. Swagger and self-assuredness course through Ddot’s music, which is a natural extension of his magnetic personality. Ddot was only 13 when he began making music, but didn’t take the pursuit seriously until a couple of years later upon inspiration from his friends. Today he approaches the creative process with an insatiable hunger. While Ddot is proud to represent New York’s next wave of rap superstars, he cites major influences from other cities, including Chicago’s Lil Durk. The love is mutual: Durk joined Drake in co-signing Ddot, even going so far as to have him open up a recent concert. Based on his current trajectory, Ddot will have to develop a long memory for all the unbelievable moments in store.

About BBG Steppaa:

BBG Steppaa has never had a plan B. “I never wanted to do nothing else,” he says. Over the past year, with his explosive anthems and distinct style, the 16-year-old Newark rapper has become the face of New Jersey’s burgeoning drill scene. Since releasing his first song in 2021 and becoming a rap staple in his city, he hasn’t taken his foot off the pedal—and he won’t stop until he becomes a household name. “Spinnin’,” a recent teamup with buzzing Harlem rapper Sugarhill DDot, is a perfect encapsulation of the aggressive style that has made BBG Steppaa one of the most exciting names in drill. Growing up in Newark’s South Ward, Steppaa always had his mind on music. After a teacher at his school brought him to a local studio, he recorded his first song at the age of 10. But as he got older, his dreams of stardom came face to face with the realities of his neighborhood. Shortly after releasing his first music video, BBG Steppaa got arrested for gun possession and was kicked out of school. He turned all of his focus toward rap, with the aim of getting his mother and himself out of their situation. The path soon opened up after the release of “Catch Up,” a collaboration with fast-rising Harlem rapper DD Osama. As he prepares to release his debut album, he’s been recording songs that expand his sound beyond drill. Still, even with all of his success over the past year, he’s far from satisfied. “I just wanna be way bigger than I am now,” he says. “I wanna take it to the next level.”


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