Stylish Ways To Tuck in Your Shirt Like a Pro

Stylish Ways To Tuck in Your Shirt Like a Pro

It’s not enough to simply own fashionable pieces if you don’t know how to wear them. If you want to create looks that flatter your figure and look undeniably stylish, a little tucking here and there can go a long way. Depending on your style preference, body shape, and clothing article, there are many different ways to tuck in your shirt. To learn about some of the most stylish ways to tuck in your shirt like a pro, check out this helpful guide.

Stylish Ways To Tuck in Your Shirt Like a Pro

The Full-Tuck

Ah yes, the classic full-tuck look. Perhaps the most popular way to tuck-in one’s shirt, this tuck simply involves stuffing the entire hem of one’s top into their pants or skirt. The full-tuck look is beneficial for accentuating one’s waistline and creating a more polished, put-together appearance.

The French Tuck

If you want to look a bit more put-together but not quite as polished as the full-tuck can make you seem, we suggest trying the French tuck. Also known simply as a front-tuck, the French tuck involves tucking only the front portion of your shirt and leaving the back and sides out. When attempting a French tuck, make sure not to stuff the front of your shirt too tightly into your pants, shorts, or skirt. Leaving some room for the shirt to billow above your waistline a bit will help create that effortlessly chic look you’re after.

The Half-Tuck

Another stylish way to tuck in your shirt like a pro fashion blogger is to try out the half-tuck look. The half-tuck involves tucking only the front part of your shirt in on one side. The back and other side of the front of your shirt should remain undone. This look typically works best when wearing a button-up shirt that naturally splits down the middle. Those who sport this look will enjoy rocking an intentionally undone and somewhat edgy ensemble.

The Back Tuck

Do you want to achieve the appearance of a full-tuck but can’t seem to do it in a way that doesn’t leave awkward bulges and lines around the front of your shirt? Consider opting for the back tuck instead. This option involves gathering up your shirt in the back and twisting it until you form a small tail. Then, tuck that tail into the back of your pants or skirt, and voila! You should have a smooth, polished full-tuck appearance without any bunching.

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