Styling With Suede: A Beginner’s Guide

Styling With Suede: A Beginner’s Guide

Suede is an excellent fabric to wear when you get tired of the usual leather, canvas, or denim. It takes more effort to maintain than other materials. But with proper care, you can amplify your fashion game with a high-quality suede piece or two.

What Is Suede?

Like leather, suede comes from animal skin. However, unlike typical leather fabrics that come from the top of the skin, suede is the soft underside. Fashion experts consider it a luxury material because it’s more prone to damage and stains. It’s also less durable but comfortable when worn. 

Lamb skin is the usual source of suede fabrics. But manufacturers can also derive the material from goat, calf, and deer skin. Due to the nature of their origin, several textile companies are creating synthetic alternatives to lessen the harm done to leather-producing animals. So, it’s common to find imitation suede in boutiques, as you’d see faux fur and leather. 

Now that you know what suede is and where it comes from, take a look at how you can use this fancy fabric in your daily attire. It may be luxurious, but you don’t have to avoid wearing it completely.

Start With Shoes

Footwear is arguably the easiest fashion item to have in suede material. Many shoes, such as these classic Puma suedes, incorporate it into their design. 

Crowd favorites like casual sneakers and boots are the usual footwear with suede available. So, it’s not as difficult to pair them with your everyday outfits for work or play. 

Suede shoes are also easy to find anywhere. You’ll see them in most physical or online stores like Shoebacca where you can encounter a decent pair for less than USD$40. All you need to do is choose a design that suits your style and ensure it fits. It’ll be a waste if you buy a pair of high-quality suede shoes that are too tight or loose. 

Also, because your shoes are almost always on the ground, the suede material will pick up dirt, grime, and mud. Thus, invest in suede cleaning products and waterproof your shoes before going out to town with them. Consider not pairing your dark denim with pale-colored suede shoes. The dyes of the hems of your jeans will stain the rims. You should also refrain from wearing suede on rainy days because salt will corrode the fabric.

Jump Up To Jackets

A suede jacket is an article of clothing you should have at least one of in your wardrobe. Because most suede coats and jackets come in brown, they’re perfect for your fall outfits. A well-made cover-up will keep you warm in the weather and suit the palette of red leaves of the season. 

You can pair your suede coat with nearly anything you love to wear during the fall. It’ll match with simple black blouses, shift dresses, and knitted turtleneck tops. If you often wear denim jeans this season, don’t worry about them staining your coats or jackets. Suede cover-ups often have an inner lining made of another material for insulation and to protect the suede fabric. 

However, if it’s drizzling on a particular fall day, you might want to switch your suede jacket for something else. Moisture is a no-no for anything made of suede. But if it’s cool and dry outdoors, a suede coat will be an excellent and valuable piece in your closet.

Pick A Pair Of Pants

Not everyone has the guts to wear suede pants because, as mentioned, they’re more high-maintenance than regular denim or linen. But when mixed and matched with other clothing well, wearing a good suede pair could boost your summer outfits. You could wear them in the winter, too, if your legs can stand the cold. Suede isn’t precisely the warmest fabric to withstand freezing temperatures. 

In summer or fall, consider pairing your suede pants with a structured solid-colored blazer and close-toed shoes. The combination evokes a formal feel. Hence, it’s a great outfit for business meetings in and outside the office. However, you can change the look with a patterned blazer and leopard print open-toed heels for partying after work. 

Wearing a leather jacket and ankle boots with suede pants is another idea you should try. This combo adds an edge to an otherwise simple outfit. It’ll look even better if you use white or light-colored suede pants instead of the usual brown because the color will pop against your black top and footwear.

Other partners for your suede pants include the following:

  • A faux fur jacket to make your outfit appear more exciting in gloomy weather 
  • A pullover to enhance the illusion of added height and for a monochromatic scheme 
  • A vest for a laid-back look 
  • A tank top to layer other clothing easily 
  • A polo shirt for an athletic feel

No matter your style or what you decide to wear on top, you should always take great care of your pants to lengthen their lifespan. Clean suede pants and other clothing well and let them breathe before storing them. Use pillowcases or garment bags instead of plastic to cover them because plastic encourages mildew growth on the fabric. Then keep them in a dry and dark place to prevent fading and discoloration.

Bring A Statement Bag

You can also incorporate suede in fashion through accessories like bags. Suede bags come in various sizes, like tiny purses or roomy totes. They’re ideal for summer-to-fall looks because they’re not as stiff as genuine or faux leather yet they provide a significant deal of texture to your outfits. 

Despite being softer, many structured suede purses are available for those who need a bag for casual Fridays. Large totes can fit most laptops while looking great against your semi-formal outfits for the rest of the work week. 

If you’re going out for a quick grocery run in jeans and a T-shirt, a slouchy suede hobo or bike bag will make you appear more put-together. It’s also a fantastic and fashionable bag for holidays or family gatherings.

Styling With Suede: A Beginner’s Guide

Stylish Suede For Every Day

Suede may be more delicate than leather, but it’s a fabric that’ll benefit your wardrobe. The material is light yet shares some similar properties with leather. So, if you’re willing to put in the effort to care for suede, you’ll find it an indispensable item to wear whenever you want. 

Just trust yourself when styling different pieces of clothing with suede. Fashion is an experimental activity. As long as you’re content with your outfits, that’s all that matters.

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