Once upon a time, a man from Sweden arrived in New York City to present a menswear line of such tactile eloquence that fascinating tales seem woven into its very textures and silhouettes. The suits are evocative of cinematic gestures or uncommon daring, the shirts of insouciant languor, and all the pieces aggregated as though encouraging the man who wears them to live out his own adventures and stories. In a few weeks, this man -Stephen Ferber, creative director of Stephen F (829 Washington Street)- will be turning the page to his latest epic “John: A Blk & Wht Story”, a collection tangentially inspired by Allan Tannenbaum photographs of John Lennon in New York just prior to his death in 1980.


More accurately though Mr. Ferber channeled not so much the former Beatle himself, rather Mr. Lennon’s stylistic transition to his adoptive city. The images depict a transcendence of the fashions of that era with an aesthetic akin to Mr. Ferber’s that the “John” referred to is the everyman for whom the collection is dedicated. Arriving in auspicious advance of the first bite of cooler air, these latest pieces include sleek suits, sweaters, shirts, jeans of Loro Piana denim, coats lavishly lined with Merino wool, new versions of the brand’s staple bomber jackets, and a standout red biker jumpsuit. The color palette ranges across luxurious neutrals but the stories told here are not in the literal “black and white” of the collection’s name, rather in the push-pull dynamic of a continuing conversation between storyteller and audience, between the garments and the wearer.


Since the 2015 launch of Stephen F, the brand has drawn a high profile following with celebrities such as Nick Jonas, Darren Criss, Alan Cumming, Maxwell, Chris Wood, Ben Platt, and New York Ranger Henrik Lundqvist. It has achieved equal resonance among New York’s demanding over achievers for delivering thoroughly modern and cosmopolitan menswear as expressed through the impeccable tailoring advocated by Mr. Ferber’s forebears of furriers, tailors and retailers. As such, only one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces are showcased at its flagship store. Crafted out of the finest suiting materials and exquisite fabrics such as cashmeres and Egyptian cottons, exceptional choices found here (including ties, footwear, and accessories) are made distinct by functional yet elegant details such as the use of the brand’s signature blue and gold motif from the Swedish flag. Discover the unfolding latest chapter in the Stephen F saga of style.

Images courtesy of Stephen F – Alex Lundqvist photographed by Nick Finochio, styling by Stephen Ferber/Shayne Davis photographed by Chad Davis, styling by Christian Stroble

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