Step Up Your Style: A Guide to Men’s Shoe Care

Step Up Your Style: A Guide to Men's Shoe Care

Men’s shoes are, in the main, designed to be sturdy and solid. While there are undoubtedly exceptions, it’s undeniable that there is a tendency towards function over fashion in men’s footwear compared with the much more lucrative women’s shoe market.

However, even within the more functional sphere that is represented by men’s shoes, it remains important to ensure that footwear looks good. And because they are expected to deal with a bit more when it comes to punishment, it’s important that men’s shoes stay looking good whatever you throw at them.

The choice of shoe is important in this regard. Well-made, classic footwear such as men’s Crockett & Jones shoes can be relied upon for durability, but it’s better to give them some help in this regard.

Below, we’ll look into some key tips on how to care for men’s shoes and ensure that you keep stepping out in style once your shoes have been worn a few times.

Preventing scuffs and creases

Nothing will age men’s shoes more than developing weakness in the leather. This often happens without you really thinking about it, but it’s worth training yourself to stand and walk in a way that protects what’s on your feet.

Avoid kicking your heels when you’re standing in line or waiting for anything, and when you’re walking, consider where you’re walking. If there’s a lot of water on the ground or the weather is harsh, consider wearing trainers or a less valued pair of loafers until you reach your destination, and then change into the better pair of shoes.

Also, invest in a shoe tree to help them keep shape when they’re off your feet – and when you travel, stuff them with pairs of socks for the same purpose.

Regular maintenance saves heavier intervention

The old saying “prevention is better than cure” is definitely true when it comes to footwear. The more regular maintenance you do to keep issues from developing, the less you’ll have to intervene with heavier-duty repairs.

When you’re wearing leather or suede shoes, make sure that you regularly spray them with water-retardant compounds to ensure they don’t get damaged easily. Also, make sure you use soft cloths to clean the surface of the leather, and polish to a shine once a week at least.

Store them away from direct sunlight, as this can weaken the leather, and if you notice a patch is paler than the rest of the shoe, find a leather dye that matches the base color.

Seek professional assistance when necessary

The soles of your shoes will become worn from time to time – it’s inevitable if you’re going to wear them while walking on solid ground. That’s just physics.

What you can do is keep an eye on any wear, and if they are wearing unevenly or getting to a point where the sole is looking like it might become compromised, you should take the shoes to be professionally resoled.

Even if the damage is greater on one shoe than the other, have both re-soled at the same time otherwise, you will have issues walking evenly and will accelerate the damage done to both the resoled shoe and the one with its original sole.


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