Stefano Ricci fashion show in the White Room at Palazzo Pitti

Firenze, sfilata di moda Stefano Ricci Salone Bianco di Palazzo Pitti © Carlos Folgoso / Massimo Sestini


Poetry in white. The immaculate colour which contains all other colours. Poetry of a grand and pure
place, ancient and modern, light yet sophisticated, with dazzling lights which are at the same time spiritual.

Everything in the Sala Bianca becomes a dream, magical, wonderous.
STEFANO RICCI looks at the history of Florence, capital of style, and simultaneously, projects its charm into the future, as a sign of hope and confidence. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow come together in a sartorial symphony that exalts the 100% Made in Italy, the rules of dressing well, the absolute excellence of each garment in the man’s wardrobe who loves to be polished and unrestrained, charming and relaxed.

The Sala Bianca accommodates the first entrance with a child, dressed in a SR Junior look, because elegance is learned from an early age, the relay of beauty and exclusivity passed from father to son. In this way, the show goes beyond the boundaries of fashion, to become a message of joy.
It is among the stucco decorations that the Grand Duke Peter Leopold Habsburg-Lorraine commissioned to the brothers Lugano Grato and Giocondo Albertolli in 1775 to adorn the Palazzo Pitti, in the rectangle of absolute perfection illuminated by 11 bohemian chandeliers, that STEFANO RICCI highlights the style of a symphony of colours which recount the brand’s DNA, celebrating 45 years.

Because inside the white which acts as a setting and mirrors the fashion show, on a catwalk 18 meters long and 40 centimeters high, in a triumph of 11,000 immaculate roses, here is the STEFANO RICCI men’s luxury fashion show: a true Italian High Fashion Show with no nostalgia, with colour themes that recount the philosophy of beauty that the designer-entrepreneur uses to pay homage, once again, to his city of Florence.

The models exit in groups of six. They recount the day of a modern and cosmopolitan man who wants to
thoroughly stand out around the clock with a wardrobe that has at its core a uniqueness and excellence.
Blocks of colour, such as Pacific Blue for casual and bold clothing, the Briar Root that tells of the passion for nature and the power of the image, the Midnight Blue is a blue that Ricci is very fond of and updated by a more formal touch of grey. Amaranth renders the classic garments more sophisticated with splashes of black, whereas the Black is a timeless idea of class and style. The big night, from tuxedos to tails, is an elegy of coats, the unbridled imagination of designs on ties, the unreachable cloth until the precious vicuna, the glittering cufflinks and gold and palladium buttons which themselves become jewels.

Throughout a preciousness that goes beyond all bounds with silk from the Antico Setificio Fiorentino, the sheared mink that warms the inside of the jackets, leather printed in exclusive Africa design, the perfect cuts and tailoring, meticulous. A hymn to the beauty of today’s man that preserves the hopes and the trust of the world to the eight children on the catwalk. With the Sala Bianca which returns to the cradle where Made in Italy began, and where today its luminous path of style resumes.