“South Side” Comedy Central’s Newest Series Changes The Narrative On Life In The Inner-City

“South Side” Comedy Central’s Newest Series Changes The Narrative On Life In The Inner-City
From left to right, Sultan Salahuddin, Chandra Russell, Kareme Young, and Bashir Salahuddin in "South Side,” premiering July 24 on Comedy Central. "South Side" is created by Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin. Photo credit Comedy Central

“South Side” Comedy Central’s Newest Series Changes The Narrative On Life In The Inner-City

Writers, Producers, and Actors Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin have created what they call their ‘love letter to the city’ in their newest masterpiece, “South Side,” which premieres July 24 on Comedy Central at 10:30pm EST/PT.

With stories based on the real experiences of the writers and residents from Chicago, the show provides an honest, hilarious, and hearty script of fast laughs and nods to the city. Audiences from all neighborhoods will connect with the show’s characters and their satirical focus on daily life struggles like a south side version of Seinfeld.

The cast includes standout performances by newcomers Sultan Salahuddin, twins Kareme and Quincy Young, and Chandra Russel, who are on the rise with their comedic timing and endearing character development.

“South Side” is a story about best friends (Sultan Salahuddin as Simon James, and Kareme Young as Kareem “K” Odom) trying to move up in the world after very proudly receiving degrees from community college. Their bubble is quickly burst after being unfairly terminated from office jobs and the two have to go back to their 9 to 5’s as furniture repossessors at the local Rent-To-Own, a furniture rental store. They soon identify new opportunities for “side hustle money”. We follow them as they try to repossess items in the homes of hilariously written characters like popcorn street vendors, Viagra-dealing senior citizens, and bargain bin venture capitalists. Their lives are always made harder by a couple of beat cops, Sergeant Turner (Chandra Russell) and Officer Goodnight (Bashir Salahuddin) who constantly foil plans and offer protection, only if the money’s right.

Sultan and Kareem report to their boss, Kareem’s brother Quincy Odom (played by his real twin brother, Quincy Young). Quincy is the level-headed brother who deals with all the problems of middle management. None of his employees are the cream of the crop and in fact are probably more of a liability.

In the middle of all the hustle, Simon gets taken to go to court because of an ex-girlfriend who fakes child support delinquency all because he “liked” another woman’s pictures on social media. Although his reputation is constantly in question, Simon continues to make moves for his family and tries to keep hope alive in himself.

Nothing is left off the table in this working class comedy that talks puts some humor in gang violence, drug trafficking, job discrimination, police corruption, and the legal system in the most endearing way. The comedic duo, Riddle and Salahuddin, bring together a super team of talent from Chicago’s South Side itself, giving work to numerous actors, writers, vendors, locations, and crew.


South Side premieres tonight, July 24 at 10:30pm EST/PT on Comedy Central.

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