Soho Beach House kicked off Swim Week by celebrating designer Laurie Nouchka

Soho Beach House to kick-off Miami Swim Week by celebrating British designer Laurie Nouchka!

Yoga & breakfast at Soho Beach House to kick-off Miami Swim Week by celebrating British designer Laurie Nouchka!

When yoga enthusiasts attended a session on July 13th at Soho House in Miami Beach, they were pleasantly surprised with Laurie Nouchka latest fashion collection with form fitting wear and beautiful designs of Miami Beach.
While most fashion designers are relatively monolithic in their skills and talents, Laurie Nouchka, a highly innovative, creative artist, is showing the world of fashion a totally new view of how to work building architecture into her designs. The impact is stunning and patrons of her events love the fabrics, colors and the familiar building designs each article of apparel is emblazoned with.

It may be said Laurie Nouchka has found a fashion niche that combines the impressive designs of building architecture seen all around the world with high quality leggings and swimwear including her Miami collection. In Miami Beach, the Soho Beach House design always grabs immediate attention.The Soho Beach House design combines geometric patterns with Soho Beach House architecture in repeating free form squares within the fabric. However, the colors add to the overall pattern and design: bright, feathery and with just enough monochromatic color to give each square visual balance.

Another of the most popular Laurie Nouchka designs is the Miami City Ballet pattern found on the crop top and leggings and mid length swim shorts. It should be noted that Laurie Nouchka understands the need for her collection to provide comfort and coordination to complete a wardrobe.

The Miami Beach collection includes a Soho Beach House clutch that matches the tie back bikini top.

Her collection is available here:


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