Smokey Eye Mistakes – How to Identify and Fix Common Makeup Fails

Smokey Eye Mistakes – How to Identify and Fix Common Makeup Failure

Smokey eye is a classic makeup look that you absolutely have to have in your repertoire. The makeup look is just as important to your makeup arsenal as your favorite mascara. Smokey eyes can look absolutely stunning when done properly, and awful when done wrong. And believe it when we say it, smokey eyes are not a foolproof makeup technique. There are a couple of mistakes you can make that can make you look like an absolute beginner teenager trying to apply makeup with her mother’s products.

But do not worry. We’ve got you covered. The good news is that even if your smokey eye makeup look ends up a little bit messy, you can fix it. Here is a couple of advice on how to fix mistakes people often o when they try smokey eyes.

Avoid eyeshadow fallout

This is a mistake that can happen to many people. You’ve applied your [eyeshadow], but how do you keep it from falling under your eyes? There is nothing worse than dark patches under your eyes. A huge mistake is trying to wipe away the fallout of dark-pigmented eyeshadow under your eyes and on your cheeks. Trying to wipe away will make you look even worse.

So, how to avoid eyeshadow fallout? Professional makeup artists advise that you apply a hydrating eye patch under each eye before brushing on shadows. And once the settles, there will be nothing on your face. Just take off the masks and the mess will be gone with them. What you are left with is super-dewy and fresh skin on your face.

Too-dark lid? No worries!

Another common mistake is getting carried away with dark eyeshadow. If you get carried away with applying eyeshadow and end up with a too-dark lid, there is a way to tone it down. We suggest dipping a cotton swap in cleansing water. Run the cotton swab around the perimeter of your smokey eyes. After that, lightly run it atop your lids to pick up the color. The good thing about using Q-tips cotton swabs is that they are not oily, and they will remove excess pigment without ruining your makeup.

Another piece of advice is to brush a shimmery neutral shadow over your newly clean portions. This will give you a brighter effect.

Add primer or not?

A lot of women are in a dilemma about whether to add primer to their smokey eye makeup. Let’s get it this out of the way. You absolutely have to add primer if your lids tend to be on the shiny side. Applying primer will keep your makeup looking gorgeous for a longer period. Primer helps eyeshadow go on smoothly without creasing, which is the key if you want a classic look using dark colors.

How do prevent smudges?

Smokey eyes makeup look does look unique. And some smudging is almost accepted. However, you do not want your makeup to look completely smudged. Instead, you want to ensure that the layers of colors do not crease or move down to your cheeks. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we suggest applying translucent powder just outside the edges. Use a small and fluffy brush to dust over the perimeter.

How to pair colors?

Nowadays, women want to experiment with almost every color when doing smokey eyes. And that is great. We have nothing against experimenting with colors. However, what you have to remember is that not all colors work together. When going for a smokey eye look, choose colors that work together. For example, you can use neutral colors on your lids. Think peach tones, soft grey tones, or taupe tones. In the crease, go for a slightly darker color. For example, ash brown, plum, and espresso work perfectly.

And if you have a darker complexion, you should go for a warmer base shade. This will help you highlight your brow bone. Use a lighter shade on your eyelids if you want great looking makeup look.

The bottom line is you have to understand which colors work best for your skin tone and eye color and stick to them.

Do not forget to remove your makeup

We understand you can get lazy coming back home after a long night of partying. But one mistake you should never make is sleeping with your smokey eyes makeup on. No matter how tired and lazy you are, at least wash your face once you come back home. Being that smokey eyes requires a lot of makeup around your eyes, sleeping with the makeup can make your eyes itchy, and damage your lashes. Do not skip this part of the makeup routine.


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