Sirloin Spring Summer 2018 Shanghai

For emerging brands, second seasons are always critical: anticipations from the press are high and expectations are rarely fulfilled. Instead of panicking, Sirloin went to the beach to search for relief. But what they found was that Miami is always better as a postcard! For Sirloin’s new Spring Summer 18 collection, we explored how China is mirroring American Prosperity in the 90s, and becoming the new land of possibilities. Now producing the fastest money, hottest chicks, along with the biggest failures.

Taking some of the most classic American TV shows, such as Miami Vice and Baywatch as reference to reflect on China’s “Tu Hao” culture. A word that could be translated as new rich. Sirloin sees Taobao (Alibaba-owned) as an epicentre of what they call a melting consumerism dream. Opposites are blend together, authenticity reimagined and new stories are created by garments that are bound in normality. A Palette of cleansing basics with a slight twist, tailored tuxedos sunbath by the pool all day and waist bands morph into panty hems.

The presentation of the collection plays on geographical power shifts, looking to melt down the audience’s expectations to its very essence. At Paris Fashion Week, Sirloin presented the collection in an informal setting  with a surprisingly unusual casting, which consist entirely of one single face. Demonstrating how values and desires are manifested in people’s mind and becoming twisted as culture and consumerism evolve. The presentation continued at Shanghai Fashion Week, with an authentic catwalk nodding to the glory days of our industry and reflecting the current spirit of China. With a casting of Sirloin’s friends and family, we emphasised on diversity, because everyone can be a supermodel. Even next-door girls can become a real force.

Mao and Alve, the creative-drive of Sirloin, both Central Saint Martins graduates in 2013, and worked at Louis Vuitton and Dries Van Noten respectively. The brand celebrates the importance of laziness and stupid elegance. By integrating fleeting moments from everyday life into their visual language, Sirloin aspire to provide a full wardrobe from inside out.


Photography: Labelhood

Art Direction: Au Matt

Styling: Anna Pesonen

Hair & Make-up : Labelhood

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