Sinesia Karol Runway Show Paraiso Miami Beach 2021

Sinesia Karol Runway Show

Paraiso Miami Beach 2021

Sinesia Karol: SINESIA KAROL presented their latest collection July 7th 2021 during Paraiso Miami Beach. From 2012 Sinesia Karol bringing vibrant and chic swimwear to the United States from her home country of Brazil. Since then brand has grown rapidly, adding elegant ready-to-wear and high-styled accessories. The brand is found in up-market shops in the United States, Brazil, and Greece.

The collections are conceived at the Sinesia Karol atelier, located in Vila Velha Espirito Santo, Brazil.  Based on Sinesia’s vision for the season the print designs are created by three local artists which Sinesia hand selects for each collection.  Textiles, labor, and development is therefore 100% Brazilian, a point of purpose and pride for the team.

Sinesia Karol, LLC is committed to Brazilian partnerships, enabling jobs for approximately fifty employees who achieve our high standards of manufacturing.  The two main factories are woman run, allowing flexibility and earning power to working mothers. Sinesia has had a relationship with one factory in Brazil —widely considered the best in the industry—for almost a decade.

The environment is equally important to Sinesia, keeping her manufacturing practices sustainable is a main consideration. The companies used for production are committed to local environmental protection and international guidelines which is of the utmost importance.

Lets checkout their newest collection from paraiso miami beach:

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Official Website:

Instagram: @sinesiakarol


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