Simina Grigoriu Celebrates Kuukou Record’s 100th Release With ‘Iron Angel’

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Simina Grigoriu Celebrates Kuukou Record’s 100th Release With ‘Iron Angel’

Following the immense success of her highly-anticipated sophomore EP ‘The Ceremonialist’ for Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave imprint last month, Techno luminary Simina Grigoriu now continues her run of impressive ascendancy with another huge milestone in her ever-flourishing career.

Marking the 100th release on her own acclaimed Kuukou Records, Grigoriu’s brand new single ‘Iron Angel’ is another masterclass in high-impact techno that upholds all of the raw and driving sensibilities we’ve come to know and love from both Simina and her label’s impeccable output. Paying homage not only to Kuukou’s monumental journey but also to her daughter Rosie, ‘Iron Angel’ takes on deeply personal significance, embodying the spirit of resilience, strength, and love that Simina so passionately champions.

Flawlessly executed, Simina’s refined techno cut is another prime example of both her technical capabilities in the studio and her growing creative flair. A tantalizing fusion of hypnotic rhythms, alluring melodic patterns, and subtle vocal chops, ‘Iron Angel’ epitomizes the essence of Kuukou Records – fierce, unyielding, and utterly captivating. As a monumental 100th release from the label, this fresh offering stands as a testament to Grigoriu’s visionary leadership and the collective ideology of authenticity that defines Kuukou’s values.

Since its inception in 2016, Kuukou Records has served as an invaluable platform for the underground community, sharing the authentic perspectives of both established and emerging artists alike. With countless offerings scattered within the label’s storied discography, Simina’s Kuukou opuses are fully reflective of the label’s forward-thinking ethos.

Nestled in the heart of Berlin’s pulsating club scene, the ever-popular home of electronic music has become a beacon of innovation, pushing boundaries and reshaping the landscape of underground techno. With an unwavering dedication to sonic exploration and a keen eye for emerging talent, Simina Grigoriu has steered Kuukou Records to the forefront of the global electronic music stage.

Simina Grigoriu Celebrates Kuukou Record’s 100th Release With ‘Iron Angel’

Simina Grigoriu – Iron Angel is out now via Kuukou Records:

Artist: Simina Grigoriu

Title: Iron Angel

Release Date: April 5, 2024

Catalog No: KKU100

Format: Digital


Simina Grigoriu

Simina Grigoriu Celebrates Kuukou Record’s 100th Release With ‘Iron Angel’

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 Kuukou Records

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