Serapian: A Valentine Story From The World of Fashion

Serapian: A Valentine Story From The World of Fashion
Visiting Serapian’s headquarter in Milano is always like entering a fairy tale. Situated in the unique scenario of Villa Mozart, in the area we call the Silent district, a stone’s throw from the roaming Fashion District, Serapian bags is a symbol of Milano’s inclusiveness and excellence since always.
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If you don’t know the story of the brand, let us tell you about it, about this unique city in the world and the people that choose it. Let us tell you a very Milanese Valentine Story. 
For that, we have to travel almost 100 years back in time, in a time between the two World Wars.

It is 1928, when Armenian Stefano Serapian and his little brother Aramays flee their native country to escape a violent conflict and arrive to Italy, where they first settle in Venice and then in Milan. In Italy, Stefano Serapian begins to design and produce luxury accessories and small leather goods. Very early in his endeavours, he reveals a natural talent and some very strong manual skills.
Once in Milan, Stefano Serapian chooses the Lombard capital as his hometown and professional base, letting his creativity flourish together with the energy of the post-war boom that pulses in the city. Milan in turn, is seduced by the unique and distinctive style of this designer, and embraces his work making it “very Milano”.Serapian is a story of talent entangled with love. First Stefano and Gina and later his son Adravast and his wife Ani, the Serapians are a united family, made up of couples who have always shared the passion for design, quality and craftsmanship. A mutual passion that kept them together and strongly contributed to the growth and success of the brand. Yet the history of Serapian is tightly connected around a lucky number. This number is 14, and on Valentine, this bond becomes twice as special. But in which way are both linked to the Serapian family?
Well, Valentine’s Day has a profound meaning for the Serapian family as for a strange game of fate Stefano Serapian, his wife Gina and their son Adravast were all born on February 14th. This is why our own all Milanese Valentine story is about Serapian. It is a love story between the designer and the city, and also the story of couples in love, who together, one after the other, created a business that is now a symbol of the city for almost one hundred years, and that has Valentine Day as their special one day, as in a good romantic story for your Valentine, wherever you are.

Now, if you are not familiar with the brand, let me tell you something about what they do, and what these bags are, that the city still loves.

The iconic symbols of this brand, is the mosaic design, Mosaico.

In 1947 Stefano Serapian introduced Mosaico, created from stripes of lamb nappa, meticulously intertwined to form a geometric and hypnotic pattern. Soft and resistant, Mosaico has evolved over the years becoming a timeless work. Here you can see one of the top four designers at Serapian, crossing the stripes to create a bag with the iconic pattern
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The Mosaico bags are still a very recognisable sign of the brand, and as every tradition, it grows and evolves to adapt to the new times, but it is always true to its nature. Walking through the beautiful rooms of Villa Mozart, during the women spring summer collection for 2020, new smaller sizes debuted in soft and delicate shades of color, look at a couple of examples here
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In 2019 Mosaico “Signed By Our Artisans” is born: celebrating the past of many arts, when Master Artisans would leave their mark on their creations, the expert Serapian Artisans who have crafted these new bags, have not just signed them on the inside tag. They have also personalized them by weaving at will a colored stripe in their chosen color from red, yellow, green and grey outside the bag, always in a different place. A personal touch that makes every bag truly unique, even creating a bond between the creators and the woman who will wear their pieces. Give a look at some from the women spring summer collection:
In the age of the gender fluid society, the mosaico design blends perfectly and belongs to the man collection too, where for next fall winter 2020/2021, the evolution of this classic goes from black and white to the “chiaroscuro” effect, as in this backpack:
The tale of the Serapian bags continues with another unique style: the Villa bag. Some characteristics of what eventually became Stefano’s Milanese artisan touch, are the discreet details and a soft fluidity. This is what distinguished his atelier, founded in 1945. The Villa Bag, however, is inspired by the 60ies. It comes in two sizes, the Villa and the Mini Villa. Both hold all the mentioned characteristics. Highlighting the Mini Villa, it has a lovely sense of retro, and suits literally women of any age. Looking at the pieces presented for the spring/summer collection 2020, it is amazing to notice the skills of the artisans and the brand to save the traditional traits that make these bags recognisable since always, and yet adapt them to look young, new and always up to date. Few can give this same sense of retro, with a modern twist, and it really tells that the love story continues, between the heritage of a creative designer and the necessities of today’s life. 
A note on these bags, is that the profile design of them, that defines the way the inner side folds and unfolds too, and that you might have noticed, looking something in between bellows and fans, they alone represent in bags design, one of the most complex works to be done on leather, and require the highest level of expertise. Vey few people can accomplish that result.
As said, the brand is still a leader and in Milan it is really the bag for the sophisticated woman that knows what’s beautiful and wears her bag as a precious and as a personalised unique belonging. 
Working on the new trends and following the market, for the women spring summer collection, the Serapian we live today, has given us for the first time straw and crocodile combined together, as elements of the main collection. Again, the results are quite impressive: refinishing straw with crocodile, makes the bags both precious and yet not pretentious.  Thanks to these choices, placing the brand in a specific time is very hard, and this probably is the magic about Serapian: it’s timeless.

The flowers and compositions you see in many of the pictures, are curated by the duo Cameranesi Pompili, who explore artistic sculpture and floral arrangements to create sophisticated atmospheres.

Moving to the most recent men’s collection fall/winter 2020/2021, for gentlemen the new shapes and combinations of colours speak to the men on the move. It is a very dynamic and modern set of apparels, and it is worth to mention the backpacks in Cashmere leather and soft suede.

Elements that would deserve attention, are the skilful use of the S of Serapian on a huge part of the men’s collection, as well as the elegant finishes in contrasting colors, the tones of blue, black, green and chocolate brown. 
The Mosaico is particularly elegant on a total black version
Lines and colors are essential and distinctive
Now, if the Serapian woman is designed for sophisticated women of any age who are in love with beauty, the men’s collection is designed for dynamic, contemporary and professional men. 
It is to wonder if Stefano, when leaving his country, already knew he would have written a page of history for Milano and its culture for fashionable bags, and for sure the company continues to grow and expand, meeting the affection of women and men in cities all over the world. Milano was just the beginning.
To introduce the brand, we have covered both genders, and both seasons, embracing a glimpse of both styles. 
Our way to celebrate Valentine is by telling our readers about a simple story of a working man who left a country in struggles, to start a new life in a new one. These stories that can still happen, and that make us believe in better. To remind us that after all, everything that’s needed to stand out, so it was and so it will probably keep on being, is, in no specific order: a place to call home, people that welcome you, a person to share your passion with, a talent to grow and why not? Maybe a lucky number that stitches all together. 
Oh, before we say goodbye, wishing you the happiest Valentine, in the age of upcycling and recycling, do you know how Stefano Serapian started his business, more than 70 years ago? By using recycled materials taken from a lab of artisans in Milan. 70 years ago, and the people loved it nonetheless. Because if you have this passion for fashion, saving all the best and reusing perfect material, is also a love story that always lived in the heart of the Made In Italy and in the pragmatic and attentive soul of the Milanese people.
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