Organic House Producer Satori and Turkish Sensation Yalin Unite in Heartfelt Organic House Cut, ‘Avcı’

Organic House Producer Satori and Turkish Sensation Yalin Unite in Heartfelt Organic House Cut, 'Avcı'

In a moving and culturally rich collaboration, the versatile electronic maestro Satori and Turkish pop sensation Yalin have joined forces to create their latest track, “Avcı.” This iconic collaboration doubles as a heartfelt tribute to Turkey, a country that holds a special place in Satori’s heart, especially following the devastating earthquake in 2022.


Nijmegen/Amsterdam-based producer Satori, known for his slick take on organic and world house, as well as his proficiency in blending Afrobeat rhythms and Balkan melodies, together with Yalin, who brings a flourishing career in the Turkish pop realm, creates a track that is not only a feast for the ears but also a salve for the soul. Yalin’s breathtaking vocals and Satori’s skilled soundscapes combine to present a harmonious spectacle that highlights both their talents.

The intent behind “Avcı” transcends mere creative and musical expression. It is a labor of love, composed to infuse joy into the lives of those who have faced unimaginable sorrow. In lieu of revisiting the haunting memories of the tragedy, the duo chose to focus on uplifting spirits. The music, imbued with a beautiful ethnic allure and authentic Turkish melodies, is accompanied by a captivating music video recorded in Istanbul, showcasing the beauty of the city and its people.


This collaboration is a testament to the power of music in healing and uniting. It’s a journey through the cultural diversity that Satori is celebrated for, which has earned him a global fan base, slots at renowned festivals like Coachella, and enduring residencies in Ibiza. For fans of both artists, ‘Avcı’ provides an experience that encapsulates the love for a nation and the resilience of its people.


Satori and Yalin Unite in Heartfelt Organic House Track 'AVCI'


ABOUT SATORI – ​​Satori, a producer from Nijmegen/Amsterdam, has a rich musical background influenced by his Serbian father, South African mother, and sister, a singer-songwriter. Immersed in Jazz, Afrobeat, Balkan, and World Music since childhood, he taught himself guitar at 12 and piano at 18, composing his own songs despite lacking formal training. Embracing musical mystery over theory, Satori transitioned into club music around 2007, with techno and deep house shaping his sound. His continuous evolution in music, fueled by his early exposure and self-taught skills, eventually led him to refine his melodies under a jazz pianist’s guidance, turning his passion into craftsmanship.



ABOUT YALIN – One of the most successful names in Turkish pop music, Yalın’s professional career took off with his debut album in 2004. Since then, he has become a singer-songwriter and composer. The artist has spawned a string of classic hits such as, “Ellerine Saglık, Bir Bakmıssın, Her Sey Sensin, Ben Bugün, Sen En Güzelsin, and Bayıla Bayıla. “His career highlights include 6 studio albums, 20 singles, 6 covers, 38 music videos, countless awards for best album, best pop singer, best music video, and hundreds of concerts that attracted listeners.


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