Rêve Releases Debut Album Saturn Return

Out Now via Astralwerks

Rêve Releases Debut Album Saturn Return

Today, dance-pop multi-platinum singer-songwriter, Rêve shares her highly anticipated debut album, Saturn Return, out now via Astralwerks. You can listen to the album here. The full-length album features 13 lyrically driven songs that provide listeners equal parts emotional catharsis and crystalline pop confection while paying tribute to dance music, past, present, and future. The lead track for Saturn Return will be “Ex Ex Ex (Whoops)”, you can watch the official visualizer here. In addition, the title track for the album is “Saturn Return”, you can watch the official visualizer here.

Saturn Return is produced by pop architects Banx & Ranx (Dua Lipa, Little Mix) and Grammy-nominated producer Carl Ryden (Kylie Minogue). When working with Banx & Ranx and Carl RydenRêve says that she established a trust in every session that allowed her to meld songwriting and sound in such a way that the music just began to flow.

To RêveSaturn Return is a time capsule; a personal look into Rêve’s diary throughout her personal metamorphosis while simultaneously paying tribute to her first great love: dance music and her hometown, Montréal. “The album was carefully crafted to make listeners feel sexy, vulnerable, empowered, euphoric, and free. My goal was to create a sonic dimension where everyone has a space to feel safe to experience and celebrate the full range of human emotion,” Rêve shares. “I’m known for my dance vibes, which you’re getting plenty of with Saturn Return, but I also wanted people to see a more emotional and vulnerable side from me – because spilling my guts is my favorite thing to do.”

When diving into the album and its concept, Rêve attributed it to her 20s. “Your 20s are a time to make mistakes, find yourself, and experience all life has to offer. These transformative years in one’s life culminate with a major astrological event, the Saturn Return,” She says, “Saturn takes between 27-29 years to move through all the signs of the zodiac, and its return can often be tumultuous.”

Saturn Return Tracklist:

1. Breaking Up With Jesus

2. Disco At The Strip Club

3. Contemporary Love

4. Big Boom


6. Hypersexual

7. EX EX EX (Whoops)

8. Tongue

9. My My (What A Life)

10. Past Life

11. Whitney

12. Release Me

13. Saturn Return

About Rêve:

Montréal-born, Toronto-based artist Rêve has flourished and cemented herself as one of this generation’s most promising dance-pop singer-songwriters. Rêve’s intentions with her music are to create the soundscape that lives in her mind: playful, pop, and R&B-influenced dance music that draws its inspirations from the heydays of 90s sophisticated Euro sound. Since making her label debut in 2021, Rêve has amassed over 143 million combined global streams across an already bustling repertoire of hits. These include her debut track “Still Dancing” to the irresistible “SKIN 2 SKIN”, the flirtatious “Tongue”, and the #1 US Dance radio hit with “Whitney” which will be featured on Just Dance 2024. Rêve is heading onto big things as she gears up for an eventful 2024 to spearhead her further into stardom.

Rêve Releases Debut Album Saturn Return

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