The innovative digital project launched by SAE Comunicazione and led by Matteo Antonielli is 100% tailor made and based on e-commerce technology, for a reliable and intuitive business model.

The new competitive scenario configuring as a consequence of the Coronavirus emergency, clearly outlines the now unstoppable development of digitalization. However, this factor must go hand in hand with the social nature of human relations, which is an important part of market dynamics. This is the basis for REI, the technology developed by the SAE Communication agency, to enhance the offer of B2B events, expanding it beyond its physical and temporal boundaries.

SAE Comunicazione_Progetto REI

Thanks to an innovative technology widely tested in various areas of development such as fashion, design and lifestyle, REI gives the possibility to active partners to be online in less than a month. A strategic timing in order to not compromise the next spring-summer 2021 season and to develop a simple and reliable digital business model.

The innovative project, launched in 2018 by the young manager of the Matteo Antonielli group, was immediately selected by important international trade fairs, as well as by showrooms and brands.

The initial experiments provided the basis for subsequent and continuous implementations and improvements to make the transition between the moment of the physical and digital encounter as fluid and immediate as possible. The aim is to support B2B from the time of the first product search to the end of the sales campaign, targeting the evaluation of possible new suppliers to be taken into consideration for subsequent purchases.

REI today responds promptly to multiple needs, with effective tools that give continuity to

the meeting between supply and demand, multiplying business opportunities. Among them:

  • Customization: the platform can be modulated according to the specific needs of the exhibition organizer or the distributor and the graphic interface can be customized with the company brand image, strengthening its identity;
  • Access: all information available at any time and not limited to the meeting. The technology is installed on a domain and server space dedicated to the customer, ensuring autonomy and security;
  • Anonymity: buyers consult products without being identified
  • Confidentiality: exhibitors have access solely and exclusively to their own dedicated area
  • Efficiency: conceived as an e-commerce, the platform allows you to search for products and exhibitors using all the most important filters for the reference category
  • Ease: the design is intuitive and easy to use
  • Analysis: exhibitors have the opportunity to profile and analyse visits obtaining important information for product development

Effective tools that give continuity to the meeting between supply and demand by multiplying the opportunities of business, completing and enriching the moment of the physical meeting.

SAE Comunicazione Integrata has been operative for over thirty years working with institutional and private clients in many sectors and is thoroughly familiar with the political and operational dynamics of complex organizations such as trade fairs planners but also with the small and medium-sized enterprise segment.

Matteo Antonielli_Project Manager SAE Comunicazione

Matteo Antonielli, Project Manager and head of the digital section of SAE Comunicazione, works since always in constant relationship with the organizational secretariat of various events, with the buyer offices of international fairs, showrooms, brands and with many exhibitors.

Precursor of influencer marketing, he has organized the first fashion shows with influencers, broadcast by the main national TV channels; with the Milano Fashion City project he has implemented innovative territorial marketing strategies; Matteo has made new digitalization systems for companies upstream of the business-to-business chain.

His background allowed him to acquire the necessary technical knowledge and commercial sensitivity to develop a project that holds consistency with the needs of the market and its main players. He is today at the head of REI, the platform he personally designed.

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