Ready for Golf, Tennis, and Pickleball this Summer?

Introducing Visto Visors, An Innovative Performance Accessory Line Targeted To Transform The Outdoor Sporting Space Through Their Patent-Pending Technology

Ready for Golf, Tennis and Pickleball this Summer?

Visto Visors has launched, introducing a functional fashion line of innovative hats and visors focused on the outdoor sporting community of Pickleball, Golf, and Tennis, created by established entrepreneur Sheila G. Mains. The “Visto Advantage’ of Visto Visors consists of three main components; Visual Clarity, 360 Degree Views, and their signature UV Sun Shield. Their patent-pending transparent UV brim provides sun protection and 360-degree views, offering a revolutionary performance accessory to the ever-growing community of pickleball enthusiasts, golfers, and outdoor tennis players.

Sunglasses are factually known to affect depth perception, and therefore the absence of sunglasses enhances depth perception and spatial awareness. Visto Visors allow the wearer to enjoy sports such as Pickleball, Golf, and Tennis, as well as activities like hiking and outdoor workouts, without compromising performance or safety.

“You can’t hit a ball you can’t see!” has become a signature brand tagline, as Visto Visors offers transparent plastic brims to provide unobstructed views in every direction. This is truly a game-changer for any outdoor sports enthusiast.

The UV Sun Shield protects in sun or shade, without the consumer having to slide sunglasses on and off constantly. So whatever the outdoor sport or activity, with a heavy focus on pickleball, tennis, golf, jogging, or softball, the hats and visor offerings of Visto streamline the accessory needed into one strategic, functional, and fashionable item.

The collection consists of innovator sports visors and cap-style hats, designed with both form and function in mind, crafted from high-quality 100% chino cotton, renowned for its durability and comfort. The Velcro closure at the back ensures a snug, adjustable fit suitable for men and women. All are unisex. What sets Visto apart from traditional hats is its UV plastic transparent brim, a revolutionary, patent-pending element that not only offers full sun protection but also permits unimpeded 360-degree views, with a retail price of $34 USD in the color variations of white, and black, fuschia and navy. The hat version, offered in white, black, red, and gray retails for $38 USD.

Ready for Golf, Tennis and Pickleball this Summer?

Visto Visors officially launched at The Racquet Club Pickleball Tournament presented by The Kitchen, the leading digital Pickleball Community, during Coachella Music & Arts Festival Weekend April 12-14, 2024, held at an estate in Bermuda Dunes. Influencers, celebrities, and VIPs engaged in a full day of pickleball, and were introduced to Visto Visors for the first time.

From Reinventing Brownies to Reinventing Headgear

Visto Visors is the latest creation by Florida-based Entrepreneur Sheila G. Mains, the Founder and Creator of Brownie Brittle, a passionate baker who took her treasured family recipe for brownies, added a touch of innovation, and turned it into an empire, with over 50 million bags of Brownie Brittle on store shelves.

In 2022 Brownie Brittle LLC was acquired and Sheila hung up her apron in West Palm Beach and began focusing her time on tennis and pickleball. Because her inventor’s brain never rests, Sheila realized that balancing a hat and sunglasses while playing her two favorite sports activities was rather cumbersome and uncomfortable, so she sought to create a solution. Visto is Sheila’s solution and allows you to “See the advantage” as you can focus on the ball while playing without the brim of your hat blocking the view and without sunglasses shifting on your face.

As someone who loves to play tennis and pickleball, I was constantly distracted by my accessories, and determined to find a solution. When the item I wanted did not exist in the market, I decided to create the desired accessory myself, and as a result of this missing niche, Visto Visors was born.” – Sheila G. Mains, Visto Visors Creator, and Founder.

Visit online at and follow their newly launched social media @vistovisors


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