QC Terme opens in New York in collaboration with Abet Laminati

wellness and Italian excellence together

In the historic district of Governors Island, a few minutes by ferry from Manhattan, QC Terme has recently inaugurated a new and exclusive oasis of well-being

Considered one of the most sought Italian delights, spa and thermal centers are a symbol of the Bella Vita since the Romans. Thanks to its blessed location, Italy has wide access to thermal waters, sulphuric waters, and every form of salus per aquam. But the know how can be exported, maybe not the whole of Italy, but for sure a lot of the concept can travel around the world. And that is exactly what is happening now when New York is chosen as the first destination for a new wellness center by QC Terme.

QC Terme opens in New York in collaboration with Abet Laminati: wellness and Italian excellence together

QC Terme and its mission are born in the beautiful location of Bormio, in Italian Lombardy back in 1982. It is today the largest group in the Italian wellness sector.

Wellness destinations by QC Terme include Italy, France, and now the United States: with a combination of analysis, intuition, and long-term vision, the founders have successfully combined the SPA, salus per aquam [health thought water] tradition of the ancient Imperial Baths, with the desire for boosting experiences in places of mesmerizing beauty, typical of our contemporaneity.


QC NY is the latest site opened by the group founded by Andrea and Saverio Quadrio Curzio and it is the first step in an expansion that will take place on the North American continent in the coming years.

QC Terme opens in New York in collaboration with Abet Laminati

For this project, the Italian group has renovated a disused military complex which has the peculiarity to include a large green space with almost 10,000 acres of parkland and some Victorian buildings, transforming it into a sanctuary of wellness with a backdrop of the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

QC Terme opens in New York in collaboration with Abet Laminati

The excellence of Made in Italy reveals in the design and choice of materials.

Abet Laminati

Abet Laminati participates in the creation of this outstanding location close to the center of New York City.

Founded at the end of the 1950s, Abet Laminati is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the decorative laminate.

Over the years, Abet Laminati has worked with top designers such as Giorgetto Giugiaro, Joe Colombo, Francois Burkhardt, Paola Navone, Karim Rashid, Konstantin Grcic, and many others, contributing to the development of design, deeply marking the international design, and becoming a very important instrument for the promotion of the “Made in Italy” all over the world.

For this project and through digital printing, Abet has created exclusively for QC Terme, white and grey micro patterns used for all lockers in the dressing rooms. This is also the mission of Abet Digital, which offers tailor made services with maximum flexibility and maximum aesthetic impact.

QC Terme opens in New York in collaboration with Abet Laminati

QC New York becomes an immersive escape where guests can wander freely through experiences such as saunas, steam rooms, relaxation areas, and water therapies designed to relax the body and soul. Of course, it offers treats typical of the Italian tradition, such as aperitivo, where you can enjoy a cocktail or a glass of Mionetto prosecco in the comfortable relaxation of your bathrobe.

The Italian tradition of aperitivo has been celebrated for centuries. Derived from the Latin aperire (open), the tradition aims to “open”, and stimulate the appetite before dining.

QC Terme opens in New York in collaboration with Abet Laminati

It is a natural common sense of vision and intentions, that led to this collaboration: Abet Laminati sits naturally alongside this great Italian house that celebrates the unique city of New York. 

To learn more about the QC New York, click on this link: QC NY


All pictures courtesy of Ilaria Giglio press agency.


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