Priscilla Ricart Uncensored

Priscilla Ricart Uncensored

Priscilla Ricart Uncensored

A Candid Conversation with the Supermodel About Everything and Anything

Priscilla Ricart is a Brazilian swimwear model living in Miami, Florida and the next IT girl. With over 550,000 followers on her social platforms she keeps busy with posting, interacting with her fans, and planning out her next photoshoots. We sat down with Priscilla and discussed what it is like being a model, what happens before a show, and life outside of modeling.

Born and raised in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Ricart made her first debut when she was only 13 years old. “When I walked my first fashion show at nine years old, that’s when I felt like I really wanted to do this as a career. I signed with my first agency at just thirteen years old and started traveling when I was fifteen.” Ricart’s childhood consisted of her traveling the world, and walking in some of the best fashion shows. To continue her success, she moved to the United States when she signed with Select Model Management and started to make her dream a reality.

Ricart has walked in countless shows such as Miami Swim Week, and models for various catalogs. “Every time I step on the runway it’s like I’m in a different world, it is such a crazy feeling.” She receives a lot of her inspiration from other Brazilian swimwear models and the Victoria Secret Angels. I asked her to take me to a day in her life on what she does to prep for a show, “It really depends what I have going on that day, but one thing I do is get a quick workout in. Working out really helps me get ready for the day and makes me feel more awake. The day I was walking in Miami Swim Week I had to attend a birthday party prior to the show, so you can say I had a busy day. I do eat before the show and drink a lot of water!” Once she arrives on set, she gets glammed up to strut the runway.

Since the pandemic occurred modeling is a lot different now. Models must do a lot of virtual events from home or even walk in a show from home. Ricart explains her first show that she walked in since the pandemic was Miami Swim Week that occurred in Mid-August, and even that was a little scary for her. “The pandemic is definitely making shows a lot harder to happen, but I did walk in a virtual fashion show from my backyard, so at least I can say I did that,” she laughs. With the pandemic changing things up in 2020, wearing a mask on the runway is the new 2020 look everyone will be rocking this year.

With over a half million followers, Ricart does always have eyes on her. She loves posting for her followers and interacting with them on a daily basis. “I like to post not just about modeling on my social medias but a little bit of everything I like to do, such as cooking, working out, my life living in Miami, and going to the beach. I like to post real life things because I’m normal, I am not at some fancy place all the time.” I guess we can say models do have a normal life and Priscilla keeps it real showing her true authenticity.

When asked to provide advice for younger girls or boys wanting to join the industry she mentions, “If you really believe in your dreams do it. Listen to yourself, believe in your dreams, and the only person who can achieve your dreams is yourself at the end of the day.” Priscilla brings up how she has received so many no’s in auditions, but still important to keep your head up and trust the process. “The modeling industry has definitely changed over the course of time. I am truly happy that there are all different body types now on the runway and in photoshoots.” The evolution of modeling has modified its way to more of a body positivity outlook.

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Though 2020 has been a crazy year for many people, Priscilla is remaining busy and taking time for herself. With upcoming shows and photoshoots, we can not wait to see what this supermodel has in store for her.

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