Plastic vs Metal Frames: How to Choose the Right One for You

Plastic vs Metal Frames: How to Choose the Right One for You

Plastic vs Metal Frames: How to Choose the Right One for You

Which one is a better material between plastic and metal frames? If you are a member of the optical industry, this is a question you may have had to give answers to many times. Perhaps, you are just a lover of eyeglasses who has not gotten the opportunity to ask an expert or just have not gotten a satisfactory answer. In that case, this article is for you.

Both metal frame glasses and plastic variants have their places depending on the situation. In fact, each one has its ups and downsides. For instance, plastic frames are popular for being pocket friendly, while metal frames are famous for durability. Meanwhile, choosing any one of these materials requires careful consideration of what they offer. This can be very disturbing since you are the wearer, and you have to choose. Getting the same as your friends may not be the best decision either.

Therefore, what exactly are they, and are there subtypes? What is on offer when you choose any one of them? What are they made from, and how are they manufactured? And how do you differentiate or choose between the two? Tough questions, but don’t worry, all the answers and more are here.

What Material is it Made Of? What Are the Types?

Metal frames are known as the lightweight option when it comes to eyeglasses frames. This is because they are usually thinner and lighter. They are made from different materials, including titanium, beryllium, Monel, aluminum, stainless steel, or flexon. Titanium is the most common since it is lightweight, strong, and does not corrode.

Frames made from plastic are more affordable and offer the option of different colors. The most common material for making plastic glass frames is cellulose acetate or zylonite, but other materials used include optyl, blended nylon, and cellulose acetate propionate.

What is Your Style?

Choosing a plastic or metal frame depends on what your style is. But any one of the two would still be a good option considering they are both famous and forever on-trend. However, if you want a bit more versatility, metal frames have you covered. You can also get eyeglasses with half frames from metal materials.

On the other hand, plastic frames offer a wider variety of colors, either pale or more blended tones. Plastic frames are also available in a more extensive variety of shapes and the classic round and square shapes that metal is available in.

What’s the Budget?

The cost of eyeglasses would definitely depend on the brand and quality you are opting for, but price differences will also rely on the frame material. As a result, if you’re searching for a cheaper product, consider looking at the collection of plastic frames. They are generally more affordable, especially those made from cellulose acetate or basic nylon materials.

However, you can still get affordable metal frame glasses that are made from aluminum material. When next you go shopping for eyeglasses, ensure that you ask for the cost-friendly products available, and you will get something you love from the wide range.

Plastic vs Metal Frames: How to Choose the Right One for You

Sure, You Want Comfort

How comfortable you feel in a pair of eyeglasses is definitely one of the most critical factors for consideration. Plastic frames are likely to be more comfortable for you, considering that they are usually lightweight in design. It also saves you from the troubles of allergies to certain metals.

Titanium frames, a type of glasses metal frame, are lightweight options if you prefer metal and want comfort. Metal frames are better than plastic variants when it comes to fit. The shapes of metal frames are usually more in place and are less likely to need readjustment now and then, unlike plastic frames.

Glasses with metal frames come with nose pads to help you keep them in place. This makes it easy to adjust any metal frame glasses to fit. Plastic frames do not have these. They have to fit perfectly; else, they continue slipping off.

What About Durability?

Eyeglasses’ frames come under frequent stress and force. Therefore, you may want to make sure that you get a more durable pair and lasts longer. Generally, metal frames offer a better service in this regard. They are usually flexible and are perfect for taxing activities such as sports. Metal frames would not break easily when a considerable force impacts them. Instead, they can be adjusted or straightened out whenever there is a need to do so.

Certain plastic frames, such as those made from nylon, are also quite durable, but many plastic frames would break when they receive too much impact, such as getting stepped on.


Before getting plastic or metal frame glasses, you should go through the considerations above and compare them with the kind of activities you would be subjecting your glasses to. However, whichever one you decide to purchase in the end, you should ensure that it fits your face and personality; you should also make sure that the quality is excellent to serve you for a long time.

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