Pininfarina Wins 2 Good Design Awards 2021

Turin, January 10, 2022 – The Chicago Athenaeum honors Pininfarina design by assigning two Good Design Awards for the projects of the classic car-driving simulator, Leggenda, and for the coffee machine designed for Helvacioglu.

Now in its 71st edition, the GOOD DESIGN Awards is the most prestigious, recognized and historic design awards program, organized annually by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in collaboration with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. The jury rewarded Pininfarina’s creative flair, which, thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, has been able to blend heterogeneous skills to create unique and innovative products characterized by influences from different sectors.



LEGGENDA is the classic car simulator that aims to revive the charm and elegance of iconic cars of the past thanks to the technologies of the future. Born from the collaboration between Pininfarina and TCCT, an exclusive service provider for classic car collectors. An elegant and highly performing simulator that allows enthusiasts to rediscover the emotions that only vintage vehicles of the past can convey. A faithful and immersive experience, created from the deep passion that TCCT and Pininfarina share for the automobile.

The design of the simulator is inspired by the legendary Cisitalia 202, the first car in the world to be permanently exhibited in a Museum of Modern Art, the MoMA in New York. Starting from the elegant and timeless forms that have earned it the nickname of “sculpture in motion”, Pininfarina has created with “Leggenda” a new “static” sculpture but one that is able to run and race thanks to digital technology.

“Leggenda” was entirely designed and then assembled at Pininfarina’s Cambiano plant. “Leggenda” is a limited series of 9 pieces created to celebrate Pininfarina’s 90th anniversary, dedicated, like the ‘Sportiva’ version, to the members of ‘The eClassic Club’.


The innovative features and elegant design are the results of careful research developed by Pininfarina, which worked closely with professional Italian baristas to solve the challenges of everyday use. The surfaces take inspiration from the fluid lines of the automotive world, creating a unique and refined style.

In addition, the combination of warm and cool materials such as wood and metal places this new coffee machine somewhere between tradition and the future, distinguishing it from any other existing product in the same category.

Thanks to the thorough interaction with future baristas, it stands out from any other product in the same category. By virtue of intensive co-creation with experienced bartenders and the evaluation of numerous mock-ups with different configurations, Pininfarina was able to create the best HMI for professional use. The result was a perfectly balanced mix of physical controls (knob and lever) and digital buttons (enhanced by haptic feedback) that provides incredible control over functionality without compromising the beauty and cleanliness of the design. This particular configuration meets the needs of both baristas who want to make a large quantity of coffee for their customers every day (using the presets and top buttons for a quick and easy result) and professionals who want to make each coffee unique (allowing them to use manual control such as the front lever to adjust pre-brewing time). The top digital display is designed for the specific needs of professional users and ensures that settings are precisely adjusted in the most efficient and fastest way.

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