Pininfarina Enigma GT: Pioneering Design Excellence at GIMS 2024

Pininfarina Enigma GT Pioneering Design Excellence at GIMS 2024

On February 26, 2024, Pininfarina stepped into the limelight at the revamped Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) 2024. Beyond showcasing a car, this moment signifies the revelation of a future vision. Nestled in the Design District, Pininfarina’s exhibition space becomes the focal point for groundbreaking design solutions, showcasing the brand’s knack for seamlessly integrating diverse services that support the automotive industry.

Pininfarina’s Innovative Design Center Unveiled

Going beyond the conventional display of physical and virtual designs, Pininfarina introduced a distinctive feature in the Design District – the Design Center. Visitors are welcome to delve into an immersive space, providing a hands-on experience with Pininfarina’s cutting-edge design tools and comprehensive expertise in style, aerodynamics, and User Interaction. This unique opportunity allows individuals to witness the intricate process of design development in a modern-style center. Notable highlights include the ergonomic buck Cellula, a tool pivotal in various phases of new vehicle development, and an engaging Virtual Reality experience, offering insights into how Pininfarina approaches exterior design, including aerodynamic considerations.

“Pininfarina’s participation in GIMS 2024 – states CEO Silvio Angori – reflects our belief in the automotive industry, our tradition of presenting visionary concepts, and our commitment to supporting the industry’s evolution. As always, Geneva is a moment that enables us to articulate our vision optimally, synthesizing all our stylistic and functional skills. This includes fundamental technical aspects from our history, such as aerodynamics and the integration of the most suitable propulsion systems, combined with the lightness of our style.”

The Enigma GT: A Glimpse into the Future

The Enigma GT – says Felix Kilbertus, Chief Creative Officer Pininfarina – is a beginning of sorts, something still a little mysterious, a first step in solving a tricky problem. We set out to offer a fresh perspective on what everyday driving pleasure might mean for a new generation. We decided to start by exploring one of the best automotive canvasses: a contemporary GT, a 2+2 with desirable, exotic looks, done the Italian way – the Pininfarina way – exuding purity of design, elegance, and Italian flair. It is an ongoing study, an optimistic work in progress that speaks of our confidence in the future and the charm of the automobile. It is an open invitation to re-invent the future together”.

At the Geneva International Motor Show 2024, Pininfarina presents the Enigma GT—a powerful declaration of vision. Shaping a groundbreaking Design Study, Pininfarina chooses a modern GT, skillfully merging distinctive features,

  • 2+2 seater configuration, coupled with a high performance mid-rear engine layout. The overall dimensions are inspired by the search for compactness, for the benefit of efficiency and coherently with the GT character, with a relatively long wheelbase enabling the 2+2 interior roominess.
  • a powertrain technology aimed at a very efficient combination of weight containment, driving fun, and sustainability. Pininfarina’s technology neutral approach led its designers and engineers to adopt a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine driving the rear wheels, coupled with an electric motor at the front axle. This configures an AWD (All-Wheel Drive) setup, very consistent with a high-performance GT car.
  • The mid-rear engine layout has allowed for the optimization of the aerodynamic study of the front part of the vehicle and the minimization of the frontal area. Along with the extensive use of active aerodynamic elements and a careful study of the underbody fairing of the vehicle, Pininfarina has achieved an extremely efficient aerodynamic configuration, combining minimal drag with significant downforce.
  • a desirable, exotic look – done the Italian way – the Pininfarina way – exuding purity of design, elegance, and Italian flair.

Exterior Design and Aerodynamics

The exterior design of the Enigma GT evokes deep emotions, beginning with a dynamic silhouette and a greenhouse that bathes the interior in natural light. The expansive uninterrupted windscreen seamlessly wraps around passengers, offering panoramic visibility. The car’s main volume is inherently aerodynamic, featuring air-sculpted front wings seamlessly connected to a sleek and minimal front end. Departing from traditional headlights, the design incorporates all lighting functions into a modern central light bar.

A distinguishing feature is the mid-rear engine layout, a rarity for a 2+2 configuration. This layout plays a pivotal role in defining the Enigma GT’s uncompromising characteristics. The centrally positioned engine optimizes the vehicle’s aerodynamics, resulting in a small frontal area (1.96 m2) while ensuring sufficient room for occupants. The extensive use of active aerodynamic devices allows the Enigma GT to adapt its aerodynamic configuration to various driving conditions, from high-performance scenarios to fuel-efficient cruising.

In its lowest drag setting, the Enigma GT maintains a slim profile, optimized underbody, and drag reduction devices, achieving a remarkable drag coefficient of 0.24. The combination of this drag coefficient and the small frontal area results in an outstanding Cd x A value below 0.48. This signifies that the Enigma GT sets a new standard for cutting-edge aerodynamics in its segment.

Main active aerodynamic elements,

  • Active grill shutters: Based on the vehicle’s cooling requirements, the shutters reduce airflow across the heat exchangers to minimize the drag produced by the cooling system
  • Active front wheel deflectors: When deployed, the wheel deflectors reduce wheel-induced drag by managing the flow around them.
  • Active Aero-Tail:  The Active Aero-Tail controls the vehicle’s personality. By modifying the positions of the delta wing and diffuser, Enigma GT can switch from performance to efficiency in an instant
  • Active base bleeding: by connecting the high-pressure zone at the front of the vehicle to the rear end, the active base bleeding system increases the pressure downstream of the vehicle, thus reducing the aerodynamic resistance generated.

In the harmonious blend of style and aerodynamics, the Enigma GT features a linear tail lamp seamlessly integrated into the dynamically actuated wing. This not only enhances the visual allure but also serves a practical function, providing efficient cooling around the rear-mounted engine. Noteworthy Pininfarina design elements, such as the elegant flying buttresses and a wind-shaped roofline, further contribute to the car’s striking aesthetics.

UX/UI and Interior Design

Entering the Enigma GT, the canopy lifts gracefully, drawing inspiration from Pininfarina‘s iconic concept cars. The interior, a blend of emotion and technology, transforms your journey into a grand tour reminiscent of flying. An aeronautically inspired dashboard and visible hydrogen powertrain parts exemplify the focus on advanced and sustainable materials.

The design humanizes technology, evident in the holistic UX/UI. The AR windscreen and Augmented Reality Driving Assistance, powered by AI, enhance safety and navigation. An interior loop with a clear glass display offers vital information while catering to entertainment needs. The uniquely shaped steering wheel with touch displays ensures personalized control, enhancing comfort and convenience.

For long distances, the Autonomous Driving Mode allows passengers to bond and relax. The Enigma GT, more than a design study, initiates a journey, deliberately shrouded in mystery. The name, ‘Enigma GT,’ signifies rediscovering the GT and withholding the complete design revelation for the future. This unfolds an evolving narrative, inviting anticipation for the yet-to-be-written chapters.

Main Technical Specifications

Length 4580 mm
Width 1950 mm
Height 1230 mm
Wheelbase 2880 mm
Powertrain 2,5L V6 turbo
Package 2+2 seats, full canopy opening
Chassis Carbon monocoque, carbon panels
Cx 0,24
Front surface 1,96 m2
Weight 1690 kg
Max speed electronically limited 250  Km/h
Acceleration from 0 to 100 < 4 sec
Power ICE 325 kW
Continuous power electric motors 150 kW
Maximum power of electric motors 200 kW
Battery 10 kWh
Mixed cycle autonomy ca. 550 km
Autonomy 100kph cycle > 700 km
Hydrogen tank size ca. 9 Kg H2
Refueling time 5-6 min
Weight distribution front % 46 / rear % 54
Turning diameter 12,3m

At the Geneva 2024 showcase, Pininfarina goes beyond presenting the Enigma GT Design Study, highlighting its role as an ideal collaborator for companies venturing into new technologies. A notable partnership with Hon Hai Technology Group (“Foxconn”), a global technology giant, is exemplified by the debut of their electric urban crossover Model B, crafted under the Foxtron brand, a subsidiary of Foxconn.

Silvio Angori emphasizes, ‘This collaboration leverages Pininfarina’s expertise in aerodynamic efficiency, evident in Wind Tunnel testing, and our seamless approach to user experience in interior design and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) competencies. The Model B is not just a show car; it represents a product vision based on an architecture already in development by the customer.’

Derived from Foxconn’s production model, the Model C, the Model B features alterations in platform size and a fresh body design. With an impressive drag coefficient of 0.26, aided by design elements like the S-duct, streamlined roof, and an innovative air curtain on the D-pillar, it ensures minimal air turbulence. As a personalized urban vehicle, the compact 4.3-meter Model B boasts a cruising range of up to 500 kilometers and a 2.8-meter wheelbase, crafting a spacious cockpit.

Inspired by the iconic logos of Pininfarina and Foxtron, the new graphic design of the Model B, revealed at Geneva, elegantly converges elements towards the rear, creating a captivating wave that complements the car’s silhouette. The choice of matte white enhances the sleek and fluid contours, emphasizing a pursuit of purity.

Visitors at GIMS 2024 have a unique chance to delve into the realm of this globally recognized design partner. They can experience firsthand the cutting-edge design tools, spanning from Pininfarina’s core automotive design capabilities to Human-Machine Interface development, aerodynamic research, and small-scale production expertise.


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