Pininfarina Architecture Designs for Novem Interior World in Vorbach

Pininfarina Architecture Designs a seamlessly responsive environment for Novem Interior World in Vorbach

Turin, December 1, 2020 – How does light influences the human being? The new Novem’s design center rising in Vorbach, Bavaria, answers this question. Thanks to an innovative architecture design by Pininfarina, German car interiors maker can now present a seamlessly responsive environment where visitors can gain an in-car experience shaped by light.

Pininfarina Architecture designs a seamlessly responsive environment for Novem Interior World in Vorbach

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Novem’s mission is to create perfect car interiors and light has a fundamental role to reach this goal. World leader in high quality trim elements and decorative function elements for car interiors, Novem shares with Pininfarina a strong passion for innovation. Novem chose Pininfarina to translate their vision in the car interiors into an architectural language able to express the same values in the interiors of their new design center.

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Light is a protagonist of this project and light is the element that shapes the in-car experience both from an aesthetic and from a functional point of view. The architectural concept is therefore based on light flows that guide the visitors inside the Novem Interior World. On the use of simple and essential materials like glass, the role of light will be emphasized. Dynamic shapes take the visitor on a journey through six different areas. They allow the discovery of the materials and its potential, strongly leveraging on new technologies to envision the future.

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“Translating values in a new design language is the challenge we face in each project,” affirms Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. “Sharing a common background in the car design, we have immediately found a great harmony with Novem, being able to recreate the in-car experience into a building”.

Pininfarina is known for creating elegant styling concepts with state-of-the art engineering solutions”, affirm Günter Brenner and Dr. Johannes Burtscher, Novem Managing Board. “The architecture, fittings and all materials used are unique and enable our customers to sense and feel the power of our innovations. »

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Global icon of Italian style, Pininfarina is recognized for its unparalleled ability to create timeless beauty through its values of Elegance, Purity, and Innovation. Listed on the Stock Exchange since 1986, Pininfarina has offices in Italy, Germany, China and the United States. Pininfarina’s main design activities include transportation design (yachts, aircraft and locomotives) industrial design (electronics, sports goods, furnishings, equipment and machinery, consumer goods, graphic design and packaging), architecture and interiors design (residential projects, hospitality, sports and commercial structures), and automotive design.

Among the over 600 projects developed along the years, the most recent in the Architecture and Interior Design projects include projects across Turkey (the Istanbul New Airport Air Traffic Control Tower), United States (the 1100 Millecento luxury condo in Miami), Brazil (Cyrela, luxury condo in Sao Paulo, and Vitra and Yact House, luxury skyscrapers in Balneario Camboriu) Italy (the Juventus Stadium in Turin).


Novem, based in the German town of Vorbach, is a world leader in high quality trim elements and decorative function elements for car interiors. Their customers include the most prestigious automobile manufacturers in the premium segment, such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Maserati. They appreciate the innovative technology, exclusive quality and elegant design of their products.



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