Pininfarina Architecture curates a wellbeing refuge at CERSAIE 2021

Pininfarina Architecture curates a wellbeing refuge at CERSAIE 2021

Pininfarina Architecture unveiled a site-specific installation called “the Cave” at CERSAIE 2021, the international exhibition of ceramic tile in Bologna, Italy. More specifically, the Cave is featured within Archincont(r)act initiative, in which ten of the most influential and internationally renowned architecture firms were called to ideate a concept for outdoor spa and wellness.



Exploring the interconnections between physical and mental well-being and the built environment, Pininfarina elaborates on the role of architecture through a space inspired by a cavern, intended as human’s ancestral refuge, a place that fosters meditation and connection with Nature throughout all five senses. With its distinct ecosystem, the Cave provides mindfulness sensations, enhancing a feeling of wellbeing while seamlessly accompanying the users in a place that feels like suspended in time.


The Cave imitates a natural refuge overlooking a green space reproduced by wallpapers designed together with Inkiostro Bianco and inspired to the ‘boscherecce’, eighteenth-century frescoes which are unique in historical buildings of the city of Bologna.

The connection with nature is clearly perceived in all the stylistic choices of the stand, starting from Miraggio, wood flooring designed by Pininfarina for Corà, the largest distributor of parquet in Italy, characterized by geometrical patterns inspired by natural elements integrated with ceramic components produced by Laminam.



The ceiling is studded with a constellation of ropes of various lengths that recall the incredible spectacle of stalactites, which are slowly but relentlessly formed by the overlapping of small drops of water pervading the rocks, manifesting, in all their power, the incredible uniqueness of natural environments.

The selection of furniture was made in collaboration with True Design, presenting a system of modular puffs suitable for outdoor use, which recall the calcareous stones present inside a cavern.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit us as CERSAIE and experience the magic atmosphere of our stand:

27 Sept – 01 Oct | Bologna Contract Hall, Pavillion 18

Pininfarina Architecture

A global icon of Italian style, Pininfarina is recognized for its unparalleled ability to create timeless works based on its values of Tech and Beauty. Pininfarina is based in Italy and has offices worldwide, with a design scope that includes transportation, industrial design, architecture/interiors, and automotive design. Pininfarina Architecture’s most recent architecture and interior design projects span over geographical locations such as Turkey (the Istanbul New Airport Air Traffic Control Tower), The United States (the 1100 Millecento luxury condo in Miami), Brazil (Cyrela, Vitra and Yachthouse, as well as the luxury twin towers in BalnearioCamboriu), and Italy (the Juventus Stadium in Turin). It has won several international architecture awards, most recently the 2020 American Architecture Award with Yachthouse, 2020 International Architecture Award for Sixty6, and the 2019 Red Dot Award for the City of Miami Bus Shelter Designs. Based in Turin, with branches in Miami and Shanghai, Pininfarina Architecture works with a Team of 50 professionals – trained at the most prominent academic institutions and research centers in the world – with multidisciplinary backgrounds including, but not limited to, architecture, engineering, social sciences, and interaction design, bound together through their professional experiences.   | 

Corà Wooden Floor

Corà has been operating on domestic and international markets since 1919, procuring and transforming wood using both manual and industrial processes. Today it is the largest distributor of wooden products in Italy and has the widest range of wood available on the market. Four generations of dedicated passion have led to the development of prestigious products that meet all the demands of any building sector, from apartments to large-scale projects and restoration work.

The business has always been run bearing in mind the fragility of the ecosystem and its importance for the planet. This is why all business evolutions have always led to the careful evolution of sustainability.

Corà Products comply with EU Regulation No. 995/20-10-2010 requirements, which introduce traceability obligations for all wood by-products and materials so as to prevent the use of wood of illegal deforestation origin.

Inkiostro Bianco means emotion, creativity and innovation.

A workshop of ideas applied to interior design and specialized in the production of continuous surfaces, as well as artistic and customizable decorations: wallpapers, wooden wall coverings, rugs and other innovative materials.
Inkiostro Bianco is able to propose an utterly new outfit to every kind of room, thus offering original and versatile solutions and defining a new type of project planning: innovative creativity made available to interior design, making every project unique with the highest proficiency and care for details.
The soul of Inkiostro Bianco is a team of creative professionals, inspired by the passion for the beauty around us, for culture and art. Cooperations with designers and artists contribute to enriching the graphic proposal featuring creations with a unique style and a striking emotional impact.


Laminamwas established in 2001 with a revolutionary vision of ceramic surfaces. The mission that inspired the Laminam project from its very origins was to produce ceramic slabs of extraordinary size, minimum thickness and superior quality by using highly innovative technology, to then market them worldwide. Over the past two decades, Laminam’s pioneering soul has led to the development of products and solutions for the world of architecture, interior design and the furniture and furnishings industry through ongoing research in technology and materials.

Today, Laminam is the world’s point of reference for ceramic surfaces in a multitude of applications: exterior cladding of skyscrapers, residential buildings, business centers and shopping malls; both public and private interior flooring and wall cladding, as well as horizontal and vertical surfaces for furnishing elements, such as kitchen tops; tabletops; and coverings for doors, wings and chests of drawers, stairways and fireplaces.

Having been perfected in over twenty years of research, development and innovation, the Laminam standard has been established on a global scale and has led to the foundation of ten foreign subsidiaries of the parent company Laminam S.p.A. located in its reference markets, as wells as to important collaboration agreements with dealers and retailers.

True Design

True Design, made in Italy furniture brand for workspaces in domestic, office, hospitality environments, founded in 2009 by young entrepreneurs Alessandro and Lorenzo Maniero, has a history of excellence behind it: it stems from the thirty-year experience of TMA, a company specialized in turnkey supplies for theaters and auditoriums (Teatro Alla Scala in Milan, Petruzzelli Theater in Bari, San Carlo Theater in Naples, Museo del Novecento in Milan, the Palazzo del Cinema in Venice, the Parco Della Musica in Florence).

In 2014 True Design began the collaboration, still in existence, with the architect Aldo Parisotto in the role of art director of the company.

The brand is characterized by the high aesthetic and functional quality of the products, by the great attention to detail and the selection of materials, colors and finishes, and it is distinguished by its marked propensity for customization and “made-to-measure” production.

The art direction of Aldo Parisotto has transferred coherence to the products through the annual defi­nition of the color and material palettes and has redefined the brand image also thanks to the design of the exhibition spaces.

The True Design proposal consists of a wide range of seats, tables, storage units, bookcases, dividing panels and accessories, designed to fully furnish workstations, rest areas and sharing areas, lounges, at home as in the office, and in commercial or hospitality public spaces.

All products, designed and developed by designers such as Claesson Koivisto Rune, Orlandini Design, DefneKoz and Marco Susani, Favaretto and Partners, Parisotto + Formentonare produced in Italy with the utmost attention to detail, quality control and sustainability.

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