Phillips X + Particle, Streams of Consciousness Exhibition Recap

A week-long celebration of traditional fine art and digital art during Miami Art Week

Phillips X + Particle, Streams of Consciousness Exhibition Recap


This year during Art Basel Miami, Phillips X and Particle partnered together to present a week-long exhibition at the Sagamore Hotel, titled: Streams of Consciousness, featuring incredible works from emerging and established artists, including Blake Daniels, Richard Wathen, Ellie Pratt, Gal Schindler, Maria Sainz Rueda, Julia Bennett, Nina Silverberg, and more. The gallery was open from November 29 to December 5th.

In addition to the exhibition, Phillips X and Particle hosted an exclusive opening night party, which welcomed over 350 guests and held two-panel discussions on December 1st and 2nd that explored the intersection of art and web3 with leaders in the web3 and art space.

The Phillips X and Particle week-long event brought together over 100 Particle community members from across the world, as well as artists, creators, and partners, celebrating the intersection and future of traditional fine art and digital art.

Phillips X + Particle Presents: Streams of Consciousness Exhibition

Phillips X and Particle agreed on the theme “Streams of Consciousness” which focuses on the theme of artists negotiating a space between reality and fantasy and has wonderful parallels to the world of web3.

Streams of Consciousness is an exhibition that brings together emerging and mid-career artists who investigate space through their own psychological depictions of landscapes and figures, cultural attitudes and self-reflection.

The fictitious domain posed in these paintings calls for possibilities of transformative experience, which demonstrate the immeasurable ways that paint can be manipulated to develop suggestive, transcendent, and sensory compositions.

Despite the dissimilar melange in each of their respective practices, there is a common desire they share in the need to communicate via symbols, gestures, color and information to negotiate sensibilities of belonging in the world we live in.

All the primary works sourced by Particle Foundation were first presented to the Particle community and sold out. Many Particle holders bought their first physical work from the show. Particle Foundation forfeited half of its commission to provide a discount to Particle holders that wish to start their traditional art-collecting adventure. All works of art were sold in USD.

Web3 + Art Panel Discussions

Throughout the week, Phillips X and Particle hosted two 45-minute discussions featuring web3 experts, leaders, and artists who work in both traditional and digital art spaces. Speakers from leading web3 projects and institutions including World of Women, PROOF, Pace Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, and more, discussed an array of trending topics throughout the week.

On December 1st, we heard from Natasha Hoskins (Boys Club), Kevin Rose (PROOF), Adam Friedman (CAA), Amanda Cassatt (Serotonin), Camilla McFarland (Mojito), and Stephen Teglas (Cool Cats) on crossing the chasm from niche collector communities to brands with global resonance and how creators and technologists are combining forces to build thriving open source systems for creativity, collaboration and commerce.

On December 2nd, we heard from Linda Adami (Quantum Art), Katarina Feder (Arsnl), Raina Mehler (Pace Gallery), Anthony Troisi (Institute of Contemporary Art Miami), Rebekah Bowling (Phillips X), and Julie Pacino (SuperRare) on the ideological challenges and creative opportunities facing artists, collectors, and institutions.

Phillips X + Particle, Streams of Consciousness Exhibition Recap


  • The Phillips X and Particle week-long exhibition and web3 x art programming was hosted at the Sagamore Art Hotel in South Beach Miami.
  • The two panels were recorded and produced by Bad Hombre Productions and Miami Sound Rental.
  • The opening night party was DJ’d by DJ Kitty Katz at the Sagamore Hotel, South Beach Miami.

Particle Collection + Particle Foundation

By being a member of the Particle community (in owning one or more particles) the Particle Foundation’s mission is to educate and open up access to the fine art world.

Particle was founded to rally around the mission of a more inclusive art world that allowed for the democratization of the complete fine art experience: putting a focus on art, education, access and ownership. Particle is now a community of thousands, aiming to build and collect one of the world’s greatest fine art collections and ecosystems.

Via the Particle Foundation, the works of art in the Collection (currently Banksy’s Love is in the Air, with the next works being made available early next year) are stewarded and exhibited internationally.


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