Paris Fashion Week – Back With A Vengeance

Paris Fashion Week - Back with a Vengeance

Paris Fashion Week – Back With A Vengeance

Apparently, people are tired of the pandemic lifestyle, and we crave to again rev up social lives and personal contacts in ways that inspire and bring joy to each other. Paris Fashion Week is no exception, with preparations already in the works for a slam dunk revelation of fall fashions.

While there are a handful of digital options for viewing the festivities still in order, many fans and designers alike are itching to experience the runway once more, and many planned events have moved back to in-person shows and presentations that are sure to delight viewers and participants. With a successful Couture week behind us, we look forward to what will undoubtedly be one of the best luxury gatherings this year has to offer. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to see and experience:

Vaquera making a move from the Big Apple to Fashion Week
Bryn Taubensee and Patric DiCaprio are a formidable force in New York Fashion, but they took their chances on a more Parisian debut for their experimental line that included latex, denim, and gigantic white platforms that took months to debut. This emergent yet influential label will no doubt enjoy a bit of extra exposure with its participation in the event.

Dries Van Noten unveils beauty line with its collection
Belgian designer Dries Van Noten boldly unveiled a line of makeup and fragrances that runs concurrently with a mastery of mixed prints. Paying homage to animal-on-animal designs and an enviable shoe collection, this line will surely gain a following at the event.

Vauthier and Zanotti collaborate to achieve new levels of luxury
Alexandre Vauthier and Giuseppi Zanotti know shoes, and their collaboration in the making of a 2022 line for Paris Fashion week has been nothing short of miraculous. “The process has been seamless… I fly to Italy, I go to Giuseppe’s factory, and I find everything I want”, Vauthier says of working with the master shoe craftsman. We can’t wait to see what they debut on the runway.

Balmain goes bold and classic
With a nod to classic designs mixed with vibrant and starkly contrasting colors, Balmain intends to light up the fashion festivities with the use of classic designs, clean lines, and beautiful accessories. They will likely be a forerunner in the fashion world as they unveil their breathtaking collection.

High-end accessorization will be all the rage
With brand-name designers choosing to place a focus on accessories such as shoes, bags, and outerwear, completing a look will be a piece of cake. Choose from luxury brands like Celine, Vuitton, and Chanel to perfect your seasonal look that will stand the test of time.

Breathtaking fashions, high-end designers, and the cream of the Hollywood and fashion elite meeting together in one place; it all sounds too good to be true. Whether you choose to make the trip or view the festivities from afar, gain inspiration for your own fashion with these innovative and creative presentations, and look forward to crafting your own personal style with more flavor than ever.

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