OTB GROUP Establishes BVX (BRAVE VIRTUAL XPERIENCE) To Develop Products and Content for the Metaverse




  • BVX: Brave Virtual Xperience is the first of its kind by a major fashion group, and will create content and products for the virtual world;

  • The focus of BVX will be on the gaming industry, the NFTs, the metaverse and virtual customer experiences.

30 November 2021 – OTB Group, the international fashion group that powers global brands Diesel, Maison Margiela, Marni, Jil Sander, Viktor & Rolf, Amiri, and controls the companies Staff International and Brave Kid, today announced the formation of a new business unit: Brave Virtual Xperience (“BVX”). BVX will be entirely dedicated to the development of products, projects and experiences designed for the virtual world or “metaverse”.

Stefano Rosso CEO BVX
Stefano Rosso CEO BVX

This new Center of Excellence will support all the brands in the Group as well as the main players and platforms in the gaming and metaverse industry, which are looking to develop products and experiences for the next frontier of consumer engagement. The goal is to connect younger consumers to fashion and lifestyle brands and to create projects capable of accelerating the growth of OTB, generating new business opportunities in the Metaverse.

Leading the new company will be Stefano Rosso, a member of the OTB Board of Directors and of the Board of Aura Blockchain Consortium, and Founder of D-Cave, the lifestyle platform of the Digital Culture. As CEO of BVX, Stefano will focus the work of the new entity on the development of new methods of direct interaction with the end customer, with the aim to strengthen the engagement and extend the offering of digital products, focusing on NFTs and gaming.

Renzo Rosso Chairman of OTB Group
Renzo Rosso Chairman of OTB Group

A recent research report by Morgan Stanley stated that metaverse, gaming and NFTs could constitute 10% of the luxury goods addressable market by 2030, signaling that it could boost profits for the sector by circa 25%.

Renzo Rosso, Chairman of OTB Group, commented: “I have always believed that technology was the next frontier for the fashion industry. Through BVX we want to lead the transformation of the fashion and luxury industry and meet the demands of current and future consumers to deliver products and experiences in the metaverse. Stefano is the right person to lead this change, thanks to the skills he has acquired over the years in this sector and his ability to identify and implement the evolutions of this industry”.

“I’m delighted to accept this challenging new role. BVX has the ambition to drive the digital transformation at OTB Group and its brands toward the future of our society, which will merge life in the real and virtual world. Unlocking the potential of our brands in the gaming world and metaverse is definitely the most exciting experience to work on.”, said Stefano Rosso.

About OTB Group

OTB is an international fashion group, powering a range of global, unconventional brands, including Diesel, Maison Margiela, Marni, Viktor&Rolf, and Jil Sander. The group also controls the Staff International and Brave Kid companies and holds a minority investment in L.A. brand Amiri. As its name suggests, (OTB stands for “Only The Brave”) the group pushes boundaries and challenges established rules to redefine the world of fashion and lifestyle, by fostering the creativity of international talents. OTB embodies the brave, innovative and unapologetic spirit and vision of its founder and president Renzo Rosso. Embracing consumer-centric digital innovation, together with concrete and long-term commitment to creating a sustainable business, are the pillars of the development philosophy of the Group that employs over 6,000 people worldwide.

About Stefano Rosso

Stefano Rosso sits on the Board of Directors of OTB. Stefano is the co-founder and CEO of D-Cave, the gaming community lifestyle platform, and is also President of L.R. Vicenza, Italy’s Serie B football club.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Trade and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York, and began his professional career abroad, collaborating with brands such as Zoo York of American group Ecko Unlimited.

Stefano joined OTB Group as brand manager of the ‘5-pocket’ (denim) category and then covered the role of Strategic Brand Alliances Director at Diesel, where he managed collaborations with global brands such as Adidas Originals and Ducati.

In 2011 Stefano became Director of Corporate Development of OTB Group, and in February 2013 he was appointed co-CEO. In 2017 he became CEO of Diesel North America.

Since October 2021, Stefano is also a member of the Board of AURA Blockchain Consortium, representing OTB as a founding member, alongside LVMH, Prada Group and Cartier (Richemont).

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