A Clothing Haven: How to Easily Organize Your Closet

Imagine this: opening up your closet doors to a haven of shoes, sweaters, pants, dresses, jackets, and more all organized for easy locating and simplicity. It sounds incredible, right? Sadly, a lot of us don’t live that dream in our daily life, and instead we open our closets to find a gaggle of clothes strewn every which way.

A Clothing Haven: How to Easily Organize Your Closet

If you tend to run into this problem, take a look at our guide on how to easily organize your closet. We’ll provide you with some simple tips to change your closet from tornado to store worthy. You’ll never wonder wear your favorite purple sweater is ever again—read on!

Get the Right Tools

When it comes to creating a closet haven, you need to make sure that you have the right tools before you begin. One thing that can really taint your chances of finishing this project is going in unprepared. Make sure you have sturdy bags to transport clothes to the donation center, dry cleaner, or tailor. You’ll also need a full-length mirror to try clothes on for when you can’t decide between tossing and keeping something. Finally, make sure you have multiple closet organizersA Clothing Haven: How to Easily Organize Your Closet 7 that fit your space.

Empty and Clean Your Space

Once you have the right tools, get to emptying out your closet. Don’t try to empty section by section—empty it out in full. You want a fresh page to start with, which means you need to remove all organizers, hangers, boxes, and clothes. Then, clean it out, and clean it well.

Declutter by Category, Then Donate

There are two different ways you can do this step. Either sort out items as you empty your closet, or decide as you put clothes back into the closet. Either way, it’s important to declutter your clothes by category, which means you need to narrow down those 15 different cream sweaters to just your favorites. Go from shoes, to pants, to shirts, to dresses, and so on, and decide what you do and don’t need. There are a few different signs you can follow to help you narrow down whether you should keep or donate an item. Your donation box(es) should be full by the end!

Group Like with Like

If you really want an idyllic closet, then you need to group like with like. Jackets strewn all over the place and jeans on the floor and the top shelf create chaos. Avoid this by putting similar items next to one another. This will help create a more organized and eye-friendly closet. Once you group them, make sure those groups have specific spots in the closet as well.

Then Color-Code

Once you’ve grouped by category, color-code those categories. Decide which theme and array fits your space best, but most people go light to dark. This color-coordination may seem tedious, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Make Room for Constantly Worn

Next, quite simply put, ensure that the center area (easiest reaching) areas of your closet contain the items you wear the most. Don’t put your favorite jackets in the back, and don’t put your favorite shoes all the way up top. This will keep your room from becoming a mess.

Stack Thick Items

Finally, if you don’t have a lot of hanging space, leave thick items off the hangers. Use storage containersA Clothing Haven: How to Easily Organize Your Closet 9 and shelves to stack thick items like sweaters, jeans, and some jackets. You’ll be on your way to an organized closet in no time!

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