oqLiq Spring Summer 2021 Collection at New York Fashion Week

oqLiq Spring Summer 2021 Collection at New York Fashion Week

This is the debut of oqLiq in the livestreamed virtual New York Fashion Week, presenting oriental high-end functional wear with the motion graphic directed by Taiwanese new media artist Cowper Wang. Paired with New Balance 2002R as the street style icon, our urban outdoor lifestyle is all about practical, meticulous attitude.

The theme of the collection is a prayer “nature’s blessing”.

The inspiration of the collection comes from a prayer for favorable weather, “nature’s blessing”. In the oriental novel Investiture of the Gods, there are Four Heavenly Kings, known as Jian, Chin, San, Lung,(sword, instrument, umbrella, dragon) which is symbolic to the idea of nature’s blessing. Virūḍhaka of the south direction holds a sword, representing wind (feng); Dhṛtarāṣṭra of the east direction holds ruan or pipa (instruments), representing tune (tiao); Vaiśravaṇa of the north direction holds an umbrella, representing rain (yu); Virūpākṣa of the west direction holds a dragon or snake, representing smooth (shuen). The four words (feng tiao yu shuen) in Chinese means a nature’s blessing. The imagination of these four heavenly kings can be seen throughout the fashion show, delivering the message of nature’s blessing.

The spirit of the brand echoes to windproof, functional clothing, rainproof and comfortable.

The four words are used in the design of oqLiq in the concept of functional clothing as follows,

Wind: windproof

Tune: functional clothing (in tune with body)

Rain: rainproof

Smooth: comfortable

Based on oriental culture, the brand reconstructs the lines of cloth with classic elements such as the shape of fan, taking vintage military clothing into consideration and interpreting the need and function of future generation.

The stokes of Chinese characters are cleverly turned into cuttings, pockets, and draping, to create a layered effect visually. Combining the concept of “Taoism Taiji”, the opposite of yin and yang, the silhouettes are designed alternately.

Taiwanese Functional fabrics are widely used in this collection, such as “coolmax” and “supplex”. Magnetic buckles are from Germany and Japan, implying the concept of the attract or repel in yin and yang. We want customers to experience a comfortable functional clothing in an urban setting and that oriental functional aesthetic can be part of the streetstyle mix and match culture and amazing outfit in the future.

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